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The Idea Of Conformity Vs. Non Conformity

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1148 words)
Categories: Conformity And Obedience, Government, Social Norms, Society
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The dictionary describes conformity as a harmony of the established practice. In other words, conform simply means to change one’s thoughts in order to comply with rules or general customs. Altering our behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs to match people around us and adjusting one’s behavior to coincide with a group standard. People tend to conform to for countless reasons. They may want to belong to a particular group or may feel the need to conform because of a lack of self-confidence or belief in their own perspectives.

People do not believe that conformity for these reasons is essential. The only time is which a person should conform is when strong evidence backs up to the other perspective. By conforming, one may tend to lose their self in others’ perspectives, beliefs, thoughts, or attitudes.

What makes people change from who they are to what others want or see them as? The answer lies in people’s natural sense of survival.

Everyone from they were born, are considered as a part of society. To survive in this society that we live in, people feel the need to conform to be able to belong and take part in a world that is often brutal to the outsider. An example of conformity can be seen when middle school kids reach high school. Every school has various groups. For instance, Goths (fans of rock music derived from punk), Nerds (considered as the foolish people who lack social skills or is boringly studious), Jocks (who are considered as athletes, typically presented as practitioners of team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey), Skaters (a group of people skating or skateboarding), and “Others” (those who simply do not fit in anywhere). If a teenager wants to survive in high school, the world of bullying and teasing, he must find some balance where he can strive and succeed among his peers. Nobody wants to join the “Others” group. Unfortunately, while they are attempting to join a particular group, they tend to not see what is really important. It is a possibility that while on this struggle, to achieve what they aim for, they might happen to lose themselves in others.

Meaning, they might lose sight of their values, opinions, morals, and own beliefs to conform to what others think. Suppose, you go out with your friends to see a movie. After the movie had ended, you did not think it was worth watching, but all your friends thought that no doubt it was amazing. After hearing their opinions about the film, you might be tempted to conform by pretending to support their decision on the film rather than being the odd one out. People conform to the prospects of the group in order to prevent them from looking foolish. Another example of adjusting the group’s standard is, imagine a 20-year-old college student who does not drink or do drugs may fall prey to the lure of illegal substances in order to fit in, just because all her friends are doing it. So, the 20-year-old student drinks at a party only because all her friends are doing it. The student does not want to be excluded or bullied by her friends. Here again, we can define conformity as yielding to group pressures, something which nearly all of us do most of the time. Let us talk about nonconformity a little. Nonconformity is defined as the refusal to comply with society’s standard for normal attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. In other words, failure to conform to accepted standards, rules, or laws.

People in government tend to dislike nonconformity because it makes people harder to control. Nonconformity is a force from one’s personal self to step outside of the standards and bring individuality to a world in which there is very little originality anymore. As a society, we are controlled by the media. We walk past billboards, view commercials, peek around all the social media websites while our minds are being bred to be biased towards a certain fashion and a certain point of view. To step outside of this commonality in today’s society, does not seem too difficult. Everybody thinks they are unique, original, and creative. What we do not notice is how this seems to be what everybody believes, yet the fashion, attitude, whatever is like a phase and a trend. Being able to overcome and not to be judged based upon an individual’s nonconformity today is not as hard as it was in the past. However, it is still picked upon. Ultimately, nonconformity is relative the standards of a group and if your group is small enough, then you may be conforming to the rules of the small group but not conforming to the rules of a bigger group or society in general.

There are nonconformists’ looks, behaviors and lifestyles. For instance, coloring your hair purple or pink is a sign of nonconformity, or piercing your lips or nose with a ring is also a sign of nonconformity although it is perfectly acceptable among the same social group of humans. Everybody wants to be accepted and loved by the people around them, but this is hardly possible. To avoid being excluded or bullied by society, we ignore our own thoughts and accept theirs. Human is the only creature who can think and that is the reason why freedom of thought exists. Unluckily this freedom is legally and morally limited. Because there is no such thing as unlimited freedom. In terms of human rights, every human being has the right to freedom of thought, both moral and legal, without discrimination of language, religion, race or gender. Freedom of thought cannot be restricted and prevented by any imposition or pressure in this context. Freedom of thought is the freedom to express thoughts. Because no force can stop the thought. However, the expression of thought can be prevented. For these reasons, everyone should respect the areas of freedom and leave their aggressive attitude in order to guarantee freedom of thought, the glorification of human values, and the development of humanity. You must admit that people don\’t have to love you for that reason, you don\’t have to do anything but be who you originally are.

Conformity and nonconformity have both negative and positive impacts on society. Conformity assures less crime. If everybody conforms to the norms of society, there will be no need to break the laws. On the other side, people are ridiculed if they express their own, unique ideas. As a result, it forces a person to be someone who they are not. Nonconformity is more likely to encourage rule-breakers, who disrupt harmony in a society. People in government tend to dislike nonconformity because it makes people way harder to control. Knowing all of this, why would an individual choose to conform? Why would they choose to ignore their beliefs in order to fit the mold of others?

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