The Hymn of Creation Essay

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The Hymn of Creation

The Hymn of Creation gives a different perspective towards the concept of creation. Instead of instilling solid thoughts and concepts, it amuses and challenges the human mind. It wants its readers or listeners to think and expound on what its verses say about the beginning. The poem suggests that in the beginning there may be something or nothingness. It raises an air of uncertainty and humbleness even. What was in the beginning, how it looked like, who was behind everything, no one knows for sure.

Only one thing is certain, somebody sometime ago created everything for the sake of some thing. It led to a flow of ideas and knowledge which started to flourish and this exists until now. This knowledge found light through the darkness. Thus, the idea of creation and other things about life came to be. However, no one knows for sure if the creator is really above, as we all know and believe, or under. No one knows who the creator is and where he is, but The Hymn of Creation tells us there is someone who is the master of all these.

Someone who has the desire to create and the power to be fertile Still, questions fill the mystery of creation. No one knows how, when, and where it started, or even why. The poem claims that even Hindu gods, because they were born after the creation of all things, do not know the exact occurrence enveloping the mystery of creation despite their power. It is only the one above, the highest god, god of gods, who knows about it; but still that is not for sure.

This shows that people just need to know and be reassured that there is a God; there is a Creator. The belief on a Supreme Being is enough. The poem also represents that people should be vigilant and not be gullible followers of concepts about how life came to be because no one, even Gods, really can tell and knows for sure how creation began. In the end, this tells us about one important thing about religion and spirituality: faith.

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