The Hyatt Curacao, Operational and Development Strategies Essay

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The Hyatt Curacao, Operational and Development Strategies

Hyatt Regency Curacao is a member of the Hyatt Hotel Corporation. Located in the Caribbean island of Curacao, the resort is a state- of- the- art facility which takes luxury and comfort to a whole new level. The resort offers a dizzying array of quality services including a world class 18- hole golf course, an eco- friendly holistic retreat and above all a diverse blend of traditions and history. Hyatt guests are treated to a wide variety of exciting features that the island of Curacao has to offer including the islands rich heritage that has somehow defied the influence of modernity.

The island is also endowed with eco-tourist attractions and every vacation lovers’ dream; sun, sand and perfect diving conditions. The resort and the island therefore work well to complement each other in a mutually beneficial manner. Being a member of a global chain of hotels there are norms and strategies that are standardized. This may include the brand name, the service charter, traditions and their policies. This paper is going to explore those traditions that have made this chain to be so successful but specifically what makes the Hyatt Curacao stand out from the crowd.

The underlying strategy of the Hyatt is to tailor all their services and departments to suit the needs of specific stakeholders. Cases in point, the rooms are designed with particular attention to accommodate the tastes and preferences of every client they receive. The Hyatt Curacao has 350 rooms that are competitively priced at $199 per room/night. These rooms vary in what they have to offer ranging from doubles to VIP and presidential suites. The rooms are equipped with luxurious bath facilities and entertainment amenities three beach houses in an exclusive enclave.

The cherry on the icing is the uninterrupted panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and the Spanish Water Bay. (Hospitality. net, 2010) In the hospitality industry it is the employees who make or break an establishment. The management of Hyatt has been able to attract and retain top notch professionals who have been able to make a difference in the lives of the guests. Hyatt prides itself in engaging their staff and providing opportunities for growth in their careers. Hyatt has actually been recognized as one of the 100 most desirable employers in Business Week in 2009.

This has paid dividends by luring more guests to the island and building brand loyalty which is good for business. The main rivals of the Hyatt Corporation are the Marriot, Hilton Group and Starwood’s Hotels and Resorts. Hyatt has been able to ward off competition by continually improving its services which are standardized all over the world. This has ensured that the Hyatt brand is synonymous with quality and they have been able to attract and retain guest from the premium end of the market including business and leisure travelers. Kyly, 2010) Food and beverage have contributed immensely to the large market share that the Hyatt enjoys.

The Hyatt is well known for its sophistication, quality, service and presentation in food and beverage. At the Hyatt Curacao there are a variety of dining option=s to choose from. One, there is SWIM, an outdoor restaurant by the pool that offers Latino cuisine. Another option is MEDI which specializes in Mediterranean delicacies and finally there is SHOR which specializes in sea foods. (Hospitality. net, 2010)

The Hyatt has put in place effective sales and marketing strategy that is hard to replicate. This strategy is based on an understanding of their varied niches, the dynamics in the industry and the application of technology. For example through the Hyatt Gold Passport, the hotel is able to study the tastes and preferences of its guests and thus analyze what is working for and against the hotel. Hyatt has been able to boost its customer’s loyalty through this program. Guests are able to accumulate points when they visit any Hyatt hotel in the world.

Membership to this scheme also gives the guest access to specialized services. (Kyly, 2010) Hyatt Hotels have been able to differentiate themselves from their competitors through their architectural masterpieces. The design team is responsible for coming up with plans that are unique and stunning. They are also expected to design structures that blend as much as possible with the environment in which these hotels are located. The Hyatt Curacao has captured the islands flamboyant charm and culture which the guests marvel in.

The resort has been able to incorporate the islands unique features into their guest’s itineraries through various activities that underscore Curacao’s distinctive flavor. (Hyatt, 2010) The Hyatt has been able to effectively integrate IT in almost every aspect of its operations. This has served to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Hyatt is able to quickly react to business dynamics and develop technologies that reflect current trends while anticipating future prospects.

Technology plays a pivotal role in developing a competitive edge for Hyatt. (Hyatt, 2010) The Hyatt Regency has been able to attract a large clientele and maintain them with their innovative and high quality services. Their strategies are hard to match since they are embedded in the core of their business. Someone once said that there are companies which make things happen, those which make things happen and those which wonder what happened. Hyatt is definitely a force to reckon with in the hotel industry.

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