The human society today Essay

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The human society today

There are several reasons of prejudice in the human society today. Undeniably the diverse situation among the human population in the society today makes the said situation much harder to deal with. This is the reason why a motion to propose a program that shall handle the difficulties that several individuals experience because of prejudice shall be presented herein. The said program application shall be based upon a particular study that is to be based upon the researches that had been used and performed by other researchers before to strengthen the statement that prejudice is indeed a huge problem in the society.

The integration of interview procedures within the research process shall also be among the most helpful elements that shall be utilized by the researcher of this study so as to strengthen the validation of the informations presented herein. II. Review of Literature At present, one of the most concerning and alarming sociological issues is the concept of prejudice between each individual or social group. Prejudice is basically similar to discrimination as this concept involves the adverse view and interactional relationship or treatment between the dominant and recessive societies.

In an actual manifestation, prejudice can cause crimes and violence between the social groups and even result a sociological or political imposition of sanction against one particular society. The concept of prejudice is primarily caused by the differences in the society in one or more significant concern. For example, in the physical level, aesthetic physical value can either cause a positive or negative effect on the social view towards that individual.

Other similar factors are the issues of ancestral background or race, social status, economic disposition, religious affiliation and others can also cause a similar scenario resulting to prejudice towards an individual or social groups. Differences in the personal or social views in these fields can cause conflict and discrimination in the society resulting to adverse views and social conception towards the other social group or person. Prejudice can either posts positive or negative impact on the society in general or in personal level. Considering the positive result.

Adverse judgment or views can result to social barriers particular to a specific individual or social group, which can view as hindrances and challenging blocks in the course of success of the concerned party. In this scenario, by looking at the discrimination aspect as indeed a challenge, prejudism can promote rapid development and improvement particularly on the afflicted party as he or she of them struggle to overcome that adverse judgment. On the other hand, prejudism can also cause social dysfunctional and further segregation of the people mainly if it is practice in more personal level.

Prejudism can cause further conflict and disparity as the people react negatively on the issue mainly if done in a closer proximity. Thus, the effect of prejudism is largely dependent on the personal views and social perspective of the people as they react and towards the said and how they struggle to overcome the adverse judgment towards them. III. Subjects for Interviewing For the proceedings of this study, there would be four individuals who would be the primary interviewees for the subject.

Each of the said four belong to a certain race and are receiving oppressive reactions from the society that they are living with. (A) John is a 30-year old, white, a high school graduate, employed as a plumber who is married to a Mexican-American wife, and the father of two children” or (B) Sarah is a 22 year-old girls who is single, a college student, and an African American dating a white student from the same school. (C) Michael is a 25-year old guy who is working as a bellboy in a hotel, a young Filipino man who is currently married to a Latina and is residing at a small apartment in California.

(D) Myrna is a 31-year old lady who was originally situated in China. She is currently married to an American man and a mother to a boy who is at the same time dating a white American. IV. Instrumentation The primary instrumentation utilized for this study are the researches that had been presented beforehand by other enthusiasts of the issue. Through reviewing the literatures that were primarily utilized to come up with the major claims in this study, the presentation of the matter is rather strengthened and performed with clarity.

Later on, the integration of the interview results further strengthens the approach of the study in terms of actuality and life-accuracy of the claims and information presented herein. V. Findings: Summary of the Literature From the literature reviewed, it could be noted that prejudice is indeed a social ‘cancer’ that needs ample attention and regulation so as to normalize the situation that most minors experience from dealing with the natives of the land that they are living in.

Most likely, the literatures that were reviewed herein make the informations of the study more reliable and clarified for better reader-understanding purposes. VI. Findings: Summary of Interviews The interviews performed by the researcher in this paper further clarifies the issue in an actualized view that naturally increases the knowledge of the readers based on life-based experiences that were related by the interviewees themselves. The impact of the said matter to them implies the real score of the situation in an actual measure of the social issue being dealt with.

VII. “Prejudice Checklist” • Education • Racial Affiliation • Religion and beliefs • Economical Diversity • Age and Gender VIII. Youth Program to Overcome Prejudice During the meetings, the area where it would be held is expected to have at least 15 seats to hold the exact number of the members of the group. Furthermore, bulletin boards and discussion boards should also be present to be able to present the progress of the program to the members of the entire group. (Marton, 1997, 32)

The rules are simple; people who are to join the operations should be noted to have their attention focused upon the developments of the individuals that they are supporting. The inspiration that they are living their audience should be manifested through the acts of the young ones. Those who are handling the practical application of the program are supposed to keep track of the developments of the individuals and how they are directly affecting the lives of the people in their community.

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