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The Human Resources Approach Essay

Based on our lecture, we have covered six approaches to organizational communication namely : The classical approach, The human relations approach, The human resources approach, A systems approach, A cultural approach, and A critical approach. I have chosen ‘The Human Resources Approach,” as the most appropriate approach in relation to my 3 years of working experiences. Basically, the core principles associated with the human resources approach is team management (9,9, on the managerial grid, Blake and Mouton, 1964) and a participative organization (Likert’s system IV, Rensis Likert).

Team management is characterized by high concern for both production and people. In this position managers require to satisfy both productivity goals and employees’ needs. It assumes that realistically, employees will work for the accomplishment of the organization goals and objectives if individual needs and interests are being met by the organization. For example, an employee looks for challenging work, more equitable pay and more participation in decision-making, in turn the organization expects better work performance for more efficient and effective operations.

As far as my working experiences are concerned, I have worked for three different companies with diverse field and culture. Presently, I am the manager of a family restaurant which has almost 50 employees. As the manager, I am in charge of almost everything in the restaurants from accounting; to training; customer services; and other related works. In terms of training, I educate new employees and control all the issues pertaining to them as well as the proper organization of the work place. The restaurant employs both full time and part time workers and chiefs.

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Most part time workers are university students which more often than not have issues in work schedules unlike full time workers who are more flexible and responsible in their duties and obligations. Aside from dealing with issue like this, it is a necessity for me to meet our company’s goals such as sales, profits, and to meet customers’ satisfaction and needs at all times. Occasionally, I allot time for the restaurant’s employees to discuss our working condition and to give consideration to their opinions and suggestions on how to improve the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Moreover, I also need to attend the managers’ meeting in the head office in relation to the updates on proper human resources management. I firmly believe that employees are investments – – if effectively managed and developed, they will provide long-term rewards to the organization in the form of greater productivity through effective team management. Additionally, I used to work at a certain international students office for a year. International office is a different type of organization as compared to the restaurant, but both are concerned with the continuous employees productivity and growth.

My work starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00. To discuss new advertising ideas for incoming international students from almost all parts of the globe, I have to meet my manger twice a day, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. With our combined ideas and promotional activities, our company is constantly gaining more international students by around 10% monthly. As a result, the policies, programs, and practices we employ satisfy both the economic and emotional needs of our employees.

Thus, more productivity and profit for the company. In view of the concept of a participative organization (Likert’s System IV, Rensis Likert) in the Human Resources Approach. I believe that a participative organization operates more effectively in the marketing firm which requires face-to-face communication. Accordingly, I used to work for a marketing firm for approximately 2 years located in Toronto, Canada. When there is a specific advertising or event, all of us workers work together as a group and act as a team.

In a participative organization like this, every employee is considered as one of the decision makers, whose ideas and insights is highly and strongly valued. There is no such thing like a team leader or manager when we work on our task. Because we are all mutually interdependent, wherein our skills are utilize and fully developed to the maximum extent. On the other hand, the most significant limitations to this kind of human resources approach are the following scenarios. For example, if the employee is passive and non-assertive, he may not like to play an active role in managing the people under his supervision.

Which like a domino effect, lessens productivity and the difficulty of management in developing common or shared values and needs among employees will definitely arise. Another scenario is a lax and complacent manager. Due to these negative traits, his subordinates may lose their respect because they expect a tough but fair manager. Or if the manager is conditioned to distrust anything that management says or does, his opportunities for movement on the organization is limited.

As a conclusion, implementation of human resources programs and practices must meet the goal of balancing the needs and meeting the goals of both the organization and the employees. Human resource approach is a circular approach wherein a higher employee motivation and applied ability leads to greater quality, quantity of work. In turn leads to higher organizational productivity profits and greater employee rewards recognition. Hence, human resource approach provides better and more opportunities to employees to enable them to actively participate in decision-making processes.

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