The Human Race

The human race has evolved to use words in various different ways. Words are not just scripts written on a piece of paper however instead they allow people to convey and interpret meaning, hence potentially influence emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. Markus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief exhibits the importance of words through the burning of books, the atrocious impact of Hitler’s rule and the irony of Mein Kampf in Max’s life.

The burning of books signifies the importance of words throughout the book.

Books are one of the most pivotal pieces of evidence that can brainwash a person to the extent that they have no control over what to do.The author states that “To their left flames and burning books were cheered like heroes (Zusak 113)”, and “….which was still awaiting to burn in the name of the Fuhrer’s glory (Zusak 102)”. Books were being burnt in the Fuhrer’s name, to destroy all the stories and words that oppose the teachings of Adolf Hitler because opposing opinions can be detrimental to his rule because it can manipulate others into thinking the opposite of Hitler.

Liesel’s naive nature led her to be vulnerable to the negativity of words and misery throughout many events in her lifetime based off of Hitler’s actions. Hitler never utilizes the brutal force of the gun, but instead he wields the effect of his words to get what he wants out of people.The author states “The words were thrown at the steps and Liesel could feel the slush of anger, stirring hotly in her stomach (Zusak 115)”, and “The words.

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Why did they have to exist? Without them there wouldn’t be any of this. Without words the Fuhrer was nothing (Zusak 521)”. This exemplifies the moment when Hans slaps Liesel for saying that she hates Hitler in public·…

Mein Kampf a book by the Fuhrer himself exhibits the power of words through the events of Max’s life. The author states ” Mein Kampf- My struggle. The title over and over again ·…of all the things to save him (Zusak 160)”. During the train ride, Max was covering his face in the pages of Mein Kampf so he doesn’t get caught by people. He realizes that this is funny because the book that is against people of his kind, is the same book that is protecting him from being caught on the train so he can safely reach his destination.

Markus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief exhibits the significance of words through the burning of books, the atrocious impact of Hitler’s rule and the irony of Mein Kampf in Max’s life. Due to the human race’s increasing knowledge the tiny little words have the ability to influence the outcome of events.

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