The Huge Impact of the Small Acts of Kindness in Mawi Asgedom's Memoir of Beetles

Small acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life and oneselves. Little things just like writing a paper for someone who can‘t write can brighten up someones world in a heartbeat. In Mawi Asgedom’s memoir Of Beetles and Angels Mawi implies that small acts of kindness can make a big impact. Kind words are small acts of kindness to like when Coach Kroger compliments Mawi. Those words had a big impact in Mawi‘s life. if the coach had not said that Mawi would not have joined the track team and cross country team.

That little compliment causes the course of Mawi’s life to change. This compliment made him get medals in the teams. and it got him into a great college. Just kind words can get you to Harvard. Helping someone can make a difference in someone‘s life, In Of Beetles and Angels when Mawi‘s uncle helped Mawi’s mom.

Uncle Nigusay babysitted Mawi when his mom was struggling to provide for all of them.

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If it wasn‘t for his Uncle Mawi would have not come to America. Without his uncle Mawi and his family would be starving. Even if you help someone in some small way It can make a big difference. In the memoir Of Beetles and Angels Charlene did small acts of kindness that helped his parents. Charlene the college student came over to Mawi‘s house. She helped there family by bringing the children outside and showrng them around.

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Charlene made a big difference in Mawi‘s life because without Charlene Mawi’s parents would still be scared of the outside world. Mawi wouldn’t have not learned how people are in this new place. This small act of kindness changed his perspective of the world in a big way. In the memoir Of Beetles and Angels Mawi Asgedom has gotten into Harvard because of small acts of kindness and other things. Just small acts of kindness can get someone from a skinny ethiopian kid to a Harvard graduate. Little things like saying “Thank you” can make a big impact in someone‘s life and oneselves.

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