The hovey and beard company

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The hovey and beard company


1. Assume that the training period for the new job setup has just begun. What changes do you predict in the level of output of the painters? Increase, decrease, or stay the same? Why?

Production levels will stay the same, because the faster production process is offset by the need to learn new procedures.

2. What other prediction regarding the behavior of these painters do you make based upon the situation described so far?

Discontent over having to learn new procedures simplified jobs, and have a group bonus rather than an individual incentive.

3. What changes do you now expect in the level of output of the painters? Increase, decrease, or stay the same? Why?

I expect output to stay the same because the painters are now comfortable performing their jobs, and they have been given input into the decision-making process.

4. What changes do you expect in the feelings of the painters toward their work situation? More positive, more negative, or no change? Why?

I expect the painters will be more positive because the painters is more comfortable with their jobs.

5. What other predictions do you make about the behavior of the painters?

I expect that the painters will ask more input into their jobs. They have been given into the decision making process.

6. How do you feel about the situation at this point?

I think the new procedures their have learn give a positive effect according


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