The Hope and Grit from the Good Cellar in The Road, a Novel by Cormac McCarthy

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Even in the darkest of times, there will always be a light, In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road the man and boy struggle to continue south without the negativity of the world trying to bring them down; luckily, they find the Good Cellar which gives them hope and grit to continue on. McCarthy includes this scene in his story because it’s his way of expressing that regardless of the troubling times, there will always be hope, Throughout the novel, McCarthy’s setting is a dark world, overrun by violence and deep hunger -both figuratively and literally.

This allows the reader to understand that the man dreams of a world that once lived in peace; while the boy dreams of a world that could someday live in harmony The scene of the good cellar indicates the hope that the man and boy have for when they reach the south. The room is filled with shelves containing goods such as peaches, pears, and paper bowls.

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The man and the boy enter the cellar; though, the boy isn‘t sure if this is the right thing to do. He doesn’t wish to impose and “steal goods“ from others even if it ensures their survival. Luckily for the two of them, the cellar contain “clothes of all sorts” along with gas to keep the flame going (McCarthy 142). These are important aspects of the scene because it shows the reader that not only did they find hope, but that there are other good people like themselves just Rojas 2 trying to survive, Unfortunately, the owners of the cellar didn’t survive, This thought is shown by the “unopened cans and unused utensils” (McCarthy 140).

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Though the world they live in is bleak and tragic, there is always a light for those who need it. This hope may show in unexpected ways, but it can always be found if there is determination. Even when the world seems to be against all odds, it takes grit and motivation to push through, as the man and boy are able to achieve.

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