The Honors’ Society: The Path Towards Success Essay

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The Honors’ Society: The Path Towards Success

There are different factors attributed to one’s success. For the longest time, people formed the perception that the path towards success is attained through hard work and dedication for the craft. In my own little way, I want to be the best individual ready to be of service to those in need. Such goals have allowed me to ponder on my life and eventually pursue my Master’s Degree in the Physician Assistant Program from the STATE NAME OF INSTITUTION. As a young child, my ideologies about service and success were shaped by my environment and the people close to me.

One of the greatest services I thought about was enlisting in the Navy. In this manner, I would be honed and specifically trained to help my country and those in need. Being a naval officer has been one of my life long dreams that materialized through my acceptance in the said government institution. Through the years, my perceptions were formed, making me a better individual. However, I felt that my service to the people was not enough. I wanted something more that would also become advantageous to my chosen profession.

Being a physician and a naval officer would be difficult for many because of the numerous clashes in ideologies. In my own little way, I made sure that I am able to connect the two professions while still personifying the ideologies and beliefs I had about life. I have been in naval service for nine whole years. It is during these times that I was able to see another side of life unknown to many. I learned the importance of life, and how people in service, like me, would readily give our own life to defend our country. In so doing, there was also a lack in the medical team that attended to soldiers deployed by the government.

Such predicament made me more willing than ever to indulge in the said profession. Moreover, I engaged in numerous activities and educational programs in order to prepare for the said endeavor. I used to assist students with their academics as a tutor for numerous subjects. Eventually, I focused on Cardiology and in Electrocardiography, taking much effort on the small details that would help me improve, both as an individual and as a professional. Prior to my application in your institution, I have also attended numerous cardiovascular schools spanning for a period of 13 months.

The said time frame allowed me to be updated with the numerous procedures attuned for health professionals, and people who plan to indulge in the said field. In so doing, I was able to improve myself further and eventually share my knowledge with the class. Regardless of all the knowledge I have acquired in the past, I believe that my success would also be based on the number of people I have helped in my lifetime. This sincerity would be supported by my lifetime quest of becoming a physician assistant, starting off with my acceptance in your institution.

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