The Home Team – The Responsibility Project Essay

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The Home Team – The Responsibility Project

The city of Murray, Kentucky is a small town the lives and breathes the Murray University basketball team. The fans treat the members of the basketball team like they were family. The entire city embraces the basketball team and supports them by putting up signs, wearing the school colors and showing their spirit within the few restaurants they have in the town. The coach of the basketball team, coach Prohm, loves his team and has declined offer to go to other coaching jobs that are willing to pay him more. The teammates are recognized for their efforts on the Racers team. Some of the basketball players have moved to Murray, Kentucky from long distances and do not know anyone in the town. Even though they did not know anyone, the parents felt comfortable with them being there by themselves.

They felt that the community would be all the support that they need to stay safe and get the education that they came there for. Some of the issues in the film are important, because it shows you how a community can come together to support a group of people. The basketball team brings the people of Murray together like nothing else would. The film shows the importance of comradery and leadership. The basketball team did not see playing as a chore. They felt like it was a way to bond with other teammates and the larger community. The coach led the team and treated everyone on it like family. When a teammate recognized the devotion of the other teammates and the coach, it makes they want to put their all into the games that they play.

The role that external social pressures have on the team is very apparent. The community gives them the support that they need to push hard and go for every point. The team knows that the basketball team is one of the few things that the community cares about. The restaurants will change the signs in the front for every game wishing the team good luck. The coach is going to be marrying a lady that was born in Murray. So, the coach will be more inclined to stay for a longer period and keep her close to her family. The fiancée was a middle teacher at a school in Murray.

The fiancée was always asked about the team that her fiancé was coaching. The basketball team simply was what everyone cared about. Eventually, the members graduate and have to move on. It can be very tough for the team and the community to handle. This a difficult personal decision that the coach and the team members have to make. For four years, the team members’ lives revolve around the basketball team. These are some of the legal and ethical issues that the team faced. The experience that they had from the basketball team allowed them to grow immensely. The team members will never be forgotten and they will always remember the experience that they had at Murray Unviversity.

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