The Hold Life Has Essay

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The Hold Life Has

In what ways is coca central to Quechua identity? How is this centrality enacted through rituals and other means? How do the runakuna use and think about coca?

Religious and social purposes that demonstrate their cultural lifestyle

Universal (Spiritual) = despacho being a ritual sacrifice

Communication to the earth

Regulations are dominate because of the sense its ritual

Relations + focus

Metabolism provides hallpay = coca chewing

Blowing the phutuy and kintu


Distinctive marker of their cultural identity

Provides ritual work

How would you characterize the worldview of the runakuna (people) of Sonqo? What are its key elements? What are examples that Allen uses to describe the place of complementary opposition in the lives of people in Sonqo? How does their worldview differ from your world view?

Their world view sustains a natural influence believing that most of

Inanimate objects that are messed with sustain consequences

Men and women have similar relationships through the use of work.

Widower are destroyed and wont be able to maintain a working mind

Married individuals sustain a well worked relationships

Pachamama is alive = recognition is required when earth is harmed


– Animating essence or energy and ALL ANDEAN RITUALS are aimed at holding, controlling and directing the flow of sami.

– Great circulatory system = water, light, living, dead and interaction with others.

– Abstract idea – materially manifested but what’s different? People don’t posses sami rather something that passes through. Fundamental to their worldview

– controlling, holding and directing the flow = rituals



Both are needed to become a unity

Qhari = men

Warmi = women


_EMBEDDEDNESS_ = male and female component that are used to become a whole


God became a distant figure due to the lack of power and proximity.

_SUN + MOON are more VALUABLE_

What kinds of forces are threatening the cultural identity of the Quechua people and, in particular, the significance of coca in their world view?

Regulations and governmental influence corrupt their perspective worldview

Coca is transmitting into money therefore forcing the people into labor

How do the people in Sonqo conceptualize space, time and history?

Time is discontinuous = series of stages punctuated by apocalyptical interruptions


Describe the organization and purposes of two rituals that take place in Sonqo. What are rites of passage? Give one example of a rite of passage in which the Sonqeños participate?

Force ritual: they have a feast celebrating the lives of the dead by allowing an individual to eat meals.

When they get full the poop that comes out goes back to earth becoming the fertile land they walk on

Describe three examples of reciprocity in action in Sonqo.

Earth and people: giving back to the earth and in return they get good

Man and woman: Men provide the hard work, labor and sources of food whereas the woman take care of the household + provide nurturing atmosphere

Ayn: equality between work and labor force (Chapter 6)

Regarding family values – when you protect someone in return they get honor and prestige

Think about the way that Catherine Allen wrote this book. Did it make you care about the individuals portrayed in it? Why or why not?

Provides an insight perspective towards the people regarding:

Everyday life

Cultural traditions

Work + labor


The audience gains an understanding of what nature represents and the value towards the theme of “reciprocity”




The first hair cutting ceremony = godparents become the support system

Exchange of cocas

Triangle: collaboration with parents

Despachos = special meal 3 times a year that represents a sacrifice to earth

Gain good luck and prosperity

Demonstrate the value and recognition of Gods

Force Feeding = eats for the dead soul and prays

The title = Bronislaw Malinowski

“Get off the marianda”

Interacting with people

Study man and concentrate the values

She chose not to concentrate on the political, economical and social issues of the Peruvian people

Coca and coca chewing holds the people together

Expresses the their worldview

Powerful medium for divining and dividers

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