The History of Valentines Day Essay

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The History of Valentines Day

The story goes that when the Roman Empire wars broke out married men did not want to leave their families, younger men did not want to leave their sweethearts. As a result of the low enrolment of men to fight the wars, Claudius the Cruel ordered that no more marriages or engagments should be celebrated. A priest, named Valentine, defied the order and married young couples in secrtcy. When Claudius discovered what had happened, he had Valentine dragged off and imprisoned, where he died. What he did for young lovers was remenbered and is still celebrated on St. Valentine’s Day.

1. Italic, center and increase the font size of the title to 18 points.
2. Make the paragraph 12 points Courier New (not the title)
3. Indent the first line of the paragraph
4. Underline the words “men” in the paragraph
5. Bold any form of the word “Valentine” in the paragraph
6. Spell check the document (there should be 2 spelling errors, but Claudius is spelled correctly)
7. Highlight the answer to the following question:

Who married young couples when it was ordered that no more marriages should be celebrated?

8. Use the cut and past options to put the following steps in order: Valentine was imprisoned for not following orders

Claudius the Cruel ordered not more marriages. Married and young men didn’t want to leave their loved ones for war. 9. Include a header in the right upper corner.

10. Insert and center below the corrected story a clip art of a valentine or other mentioned item of the story.

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