Purpose of US Homeland Security Dept: History & Significance

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From the time America won it's freedom back a little more than two and a half centuries ago, America has run into many problems. Some being natural disasters and some being terrorist attacks. But who is in charge of keeping the peace? Who has the responsibility and intergrity to hold America's head high during these troublesome times, and be able to take initiative to find a way to prevent it from happening in the future for generations to come? I'll tell you who, the D.

H.S., also known as the Department of Homeland Security.

The D.H.S. was created following the World Trade Center/Pentagon disasters in November 2002 (National Geographic Atlas of the World, 8th edition, 2004). President George W. Bush, during the act of 2002,)established the D.H.S. through the Office of Homeland Security. Unbelievably, the D.H.S. was formed by twenty-two seperate agencies; Depts. of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Health and Human Services, Justice, Transportation, Treasury, to list a few, they were reorganized and formed (Homeland Security, United States Department of, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2005).

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In the federal government, the D.H.S. is the third largest executive department (Homeland Security, United States Department of, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2005).

With the D.H.S. replacing these divisions, in compensation, it is made up of many similar divisions. The largest being Border and Transportation Security division, which is made up of the Bureau of Immigration, Customs Enforcement, Bureau of Customs, Border Protection, and Transportation Security Admistration (Homeland Security, United States Department of, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2005). Another that oversees is disaster preparedness training and choreographs the response to disasaters is the Emergency Preparedness and Response division (Encyclopedia.com). Enviromental issues are dealt with by the Science and Technology division. Bomb threats are evaluated by the Analysis and Infrastructure Protection division (Homeland Security, United States Department of, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2005).

Nations around the world follow America's lead with Homeland Security, for example, in Australia, the Labor Party has asked for an Australian Department of Homeland Security, however, we've yet to see the results (Homeland Security, Wikipedia, free encyclopedia). Also, another example, in Canada, a Ministry of Public Safety and Emergeny Preparedness has been made in 2003 and is being led by Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan (Homeland Security, Wikipedia, free encyclopedia). Secretary Chertoff describes Homeland Security as the twenty-first century radar (DHS.gov).

I think Homeland Security is a great break-through for our government and I completely agree with Secretary Chertoff on his views of Homeland Security. I might even go as far to say that the D.H.S.is the best thing that President George W. Bush has given to our country.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Purpose of US Homeland Security Dept: History & Significance essay
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