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The Himalaya Drug Company

“Himalaya crafts herbal supplements believing your wellness begins from the ground up. Nurturing your capacity for joy has been the root of everything we do for more than 85 years” (2018).


Identify and describe your product in detail:

Ans. The name of my products is Himalaya Herbals. It has variety of products, which we can found in more than 90 countries. Various type of products that company produces: Herbal Ayurveda medicine, Nutrition, Personal care and baby care. The products of Himalayas are 100% pure, and includes Ayurveda ingredients.


Popeyes Supplements making a good profit to sell Himalaya Herbal products because there are lots of features, advantages, and benefits of this products.


  • · Those products are unique, so customers are loyal about this brand.
  • · Because of quality of products, it attracts every age of customers – old-aged, younger, and children.


  • · Because of uniqueness and quality of product, store making good money by selling those products.
  • · Moreover, the products are chemical free, Paraben free
  • · The body lotion of Himalaya is good for face


· Because it has more variety of products, so it is beneficial for company’s economic growth.

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· Trustworthy, and loyal customer



  • · It has natural ingredients, no chemical added
  • · Easy to Available at every location


  • · Affordable prices
  • · Glowing skin
  • · Good for acne, body’s internal, and external part


· The first one is that it is beneficial for them who wants to be reduce their weight as soon as possible. Like “Quick Weight-loss” programs and “Miracle” juice.

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· For skin and Blood purification – Neem, Triphala, and Turmeric products

· Wax tree, Ginger and Malabar nut tree are beneficial for lungs patient.

· Stress Care and Organic Ashwagandha products, which reduces the stress (2018).


Company history:

The Himalaya Drug Company is an Indian company. It produces variety of products that include Ayurveda ingredients. Muhammad Manal, Philippe Haydon (CEO), Nabeel Manal (CEO), 1930, founded it 89 years ago. It is a private company. Its main headquarter in Bangalore, India. Its products produce all over the world near about 90 countries. Now, it has branches in India, USA, South Africa, in all Europe, and other Asian countries etc. (June 1, 2019).

Background information:

“While riding through the forests of Burma, our founder, Mr. M. Manal, saw a villager pacify a restless elephant by feeding it the root of the plant Rauwolfia serpentine” (2018).

Entranced by the plant’s impact on the elephant, he returned home to India to look for logical proof for why this specific plant would have such a gainful, quieting impact. Youthful Manal’s mom gave him her bangles to sell so he could seek after his work, and Himalaya was conceived.

When he completely comprehended the science behind this exceptional herbal, Mr.Manal purchased a hand-worked, tablet-packing machine, and started his work. During the evening, his shoulder would throb from creating a couple of hundred tablets, one little tablet at any given moment. Nevertheless, his diligent work satisfied. This astounding plant would later move toward becoming Serpin, the world’s first enemy of hypertensive medication 1934.

We stay in stunningness of the man who started our organization, and the granddad of our present CEO, Nabeel Manal. Himalaya’s heritage has dependably been one of looking into nature, and utilizing the instruments of present day science to create, and deliver Ayurveda-based, pharmaceutical-grade homegrown prescription items. In addition, today, that heritage proceeds.

Mr. Manal had a dream of helping individuals be well. Today, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare has transformed a respected home grown custom into a total scope of contemporary, exclusive recipes and single herbs devoted to making the world well one individual at once (2019).

Company strengths and weaknesses


It proposals a big line of medically researched herbal discoveries, “certified USDA organic Single herbs” (2019), and variety of body care product.

Participating the values of old-fashioned medication with modern science, it is all over the world innovator in the era of technically certified herbal healthcare. Moreover, Himalaya products are eco-friendly. Its LEED Gold-Certified eco-friendly office situated in North American. Customers are very loyal for Himalaya products. Customer perception is very positive (2019).


Excessive dependence on raw ingredients: There is a high dependence on raw materials if there is no availability of raw materials, then company cannot manufacture products, and it is not good for company’s reputation. Therefore, company should restore raw materials for future (2019).

Big working capital: The business requires more money for its procedures, and to deliver their products to its customers (2019).

The industry they are in and any trends with that industry (growth, technology)

Growth: High growth worldwide as everyone like and use Himalaya Herbals

Technology: thanks to modern era, which make everything comfortable.

Technology: By using technology Himalaya, herbals got fame globally. In past organizations took too much time for packing, sorting, manufacturing and for each and everything. However, with the help of technology they are doing it in less time. It is also beneficial for selling the product online, customer can buy online, and they do not have any need to go at store.

Who owns the company? Are there any other affiliated companies?

“Himalaya Global Holding Ltd.

Himalaya Drug Organization/Parent Organization” (2019).

Where are manufacturing plants located?

The company’s headquarters in Bangalore, India (2019).

Anything of interest regarding the company and/or product: Commitment to farmers

Himalaya Organization doing work one-on-one with ranchers and through non-legislative associations to help bring less fortunate cultivating networks a connection to the commercial center. Through reasonable exchange agreeable understandings, we will likely assistance financially engage little, and negligible ranchers so they can assist their business. Himalaya’s reasonable exchange practices guarantee ranchers are paid at least 15-20% higher than the real expense of development. Notwithstanding good wages, different advantages to the ranchers incorporate a guaranteed market for their yields, a guaranteed cost, and pay (we shield them from the high points and low points of the market), and the expenses for their required confirmations, bundling and transformation are borne by us, not them (Himalaya Herbals Healthcare, 2018).


  • what business you will be selling to
  • Am selling Himalaya herbals to all age groups.
  • where are they located

At Sarnia, London Road, ON.

why have you selected them

I selected this product because I like this product too. I use this product. I think that it is a good product, and I would recommend to everyone to use Himalaya Herbals.

  • Who is the ultimate end consumer of this product
  • My end consumer would be Popeyes Supplement, which is in Sarnia.
  • Describe their characteristics (demographics, psychographics, lifestyle)
  • It is located in Sarnia, which is a small town in Ontario. The life-style is very simple.


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