The High School Student's Life Choices and the Music They Listen to

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When was the last time you've seen a high school student without a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social network account? If you haven't, then I guess you haven't been around much technology these days. According to, 97.6 percent of juniors had a facebook account in 2011. As you can see the attitude of learning to consume is much greater than the attitude of learning to labor, by two great factors. One is the way how many high school students interact with things and each other, while the other factor is the way how the role models of today's teen society act.

You can easily see that many high school students are learning to consume, instead of learning to labor through the way they communicate with each other. The old-fashioned way of talking face to face with your friend has mostly died, through the use of social networking and texting. Many students who are usually supposed to be studying, or learning during class, give priority to texting, seeing what their new friend was doing today, or in other words, being very into their social media lives, while their lives at school that require studying, doing homework, or taking notes, usually takes second place.

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Many high school students are barraged with ads by social media networks which usually tell them what they're doing is innovative, inspirational, and downright cool. While these ads may seem encouraging they have an underlying message: Keep yourself in social media, or lose your social standing. This statement embodies the attitude of learning to consume, which many high school students will may, or may not continue throughout their lives.

As you can see the rap stars such as Kanye West, or Jay-Z who are usually showing off their wealth through their expensive cars, expensive clothing, and expensive accessories. These kind of stars are usually the role model of the high school students today. Through these role models they learn that spending tremendous amounts of money on the same items they buy will make you stand out from the crowd, or to put in other words, make them look "cool". At a very crucial age, these students are open to many ways of life, and are usually inclined to the one their role model is living. Thus, this shows that high school students today are more towards to the concept of learning to consume, due to the fact that their very own role models are acting in that way, so most of them will likely follow suit.

In conclusion, as you can see that learning to consume has dominated the minds of high school students, due to the fact that this type of attitude is so widespread, through the means of advertisements and social networking, 

Updated: Jan 16, 2023
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