The Hero’s Journey­ Life of Pi Essay

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The Hero’s Journey­ Life of Pi

1) The Ordinary World­ Pi was a normal boy that lived in Pondicherry, India. He got bullied at school and studied three religions. His family consisted on his father (who cared a lot about business) his mother (who loved and often encouraged Pi to read books) and his brother Ravi. The Molitor family owned a zoo. 2)The call to Adventure­ Pi’s father decides to move him and his family to canada for a better life. Another example was when Pi wakes up in the night during the storm and he leaves his room. He is now presented with a problem/challenge he has to face.

3)Refusal of the call­ Pi refuses the call when he complains that he doesn’t want to leave India for Canada. Besides from that, the Refusal of the call was not present in life of Pi since he had no choice of if he wanted to go on the adventure or not. 4)Relationship to the mentor­ Mamaji was one of the mentors for Pi since he taught Pi hot to swim and without the skill, Pi would’ve died drowning. Pi’s father also prepared him since he showed how dangerous tigers could be by throwing in a goat in the tiger’s cage. 5)Crossing the first threshold­ When the tsimtsum is sinking, the crew members throw him on the lifeboat with the tiger. This is when Pi enters an unfamiliar surrounding.

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