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The Healthy Way to Go Essay

Essay Topic:

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Our purpose is to promote and encourage adults and children to eat healthy nutrition meals and snacks on a daily. As of today people have busy lifestyle and they are making badly chooses of food in terms that leads to unhealthy lifestyle. The Green Machine Vending company wants to help adults and children have a healthy lifestyle by offering healthy beverages, snacks and small individuals size meals that they can purchase out of an vending machine.

We found out that the growing amount of individuals have less time to prepare a healthy meal and are faced with the challenges of finding healthy vending choices on their busiest days.

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Just recently, the government began promoting healthy eating patterns as to encourage healthy eating habits to curb the health risks plagued by obesity. With a strong political push has mandated healthier eating in schools, and businesses.

Based on this information, we predict that the healthy vending industry can be divided into segments based on location and the lifestyle of the public interests for a healthier life style. As adults and children turn to a healthier life style eating, it’s imperative that alternatives for healthier food entrees are readily available. We feel that healthy eating will not only stabilize the people energy, but also brighten up their minds and blend their moods.

We know that location of the diverse indices that are of significance in any attempt, location is of major significance and this is why we choose to target the Westside of Chicago within the Lawndale community and University Park located in the South Suburb. The Green Machine Vending company feels these locations are in dire need because individuals in both areas are suffering from eating unhealthy meals and this can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Appropriate sites can contribute greatly to the success of this type of business.

Conversely, inappropriate location can amount to a “death nail” to the jugular of any business. Knowing the importance of these indices, as stated before our company has already chosen a number of locations that we feel are of the up most importance to the accomplishment of our establishment. We feel that by promoting healthier eating habits will make a significant impact on the lives of adults and children and give them a lifelong commitment with food and this will help them develop an opportunity to live a healthier life and decrease the signs of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cost Estimate Fresh Healthy Vending LLC offers franchises for the right and obligation to purchase, operate, service, maintain, repair, clean, restock and use vending machines which dispense a variety of healthy, natural and organic snack food and beverage products for locations such as business offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, and office and in-plant food service facilities.

Franchisees must pay the franchisor a non-refundable deposit of 40% of the Purchase Price for their Vending Machines when they sign your Franchise Agreement and must pay the franchisor the remaining 60% of the Purchase Price before their Vending Machines are delivered. With this exception, the franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing to franchisees or guarantee any note, lease, or obligation of theirs in connection with the purchase or establishment of the Franchised Business.

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