The Harm of Plastic Bags Essay

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The Harm of Plastic Bags

The slide presentation on plastic bags was alarming. For years I have heard that plastic was such a bad thing for the environment. I figured with that with the technology available today, it would be easy to recycle it and there would be no major issue. Upon viewing this slide presentation, I was speechless as I viewed each slide. The amount of bags that are consumed each year compared to the amount that is recycled was unfathomable. When the presentation broke down the cost of recycling the plastic, it is not hard to imagine why there is such a worldwide problem and dangers to the environment.

I learned so much from this presentation. I had been misinformed all these years. I was told that plastic bags never break down; therefore it was only a landfill problem. The fact that it photo degrades and makes it even more toxic is very alarming to me. After viewing the slides that talk about how so many animals die each year because they either ingest or get tangled in plastic. As I viewed these slides, I couldn’t help but think that there is absolutely no excuse for this to continue.

There are so many alternatives and so many countries have already changed their consumption of plastic. The last part of the slide presentation that I found interesting was the breakdown of how many bags one person can keep out of a landfill in their lifetime. The United States government gets involved with all types of private industries, it is surprising to me that with all the information that is presented, the government does not put a ban on plastic bags. If the government got involved, I feel there would be a huge environmental movement across the world.

For some reason, I think there is a reason the government does not get involved and it has to do with money. This slide presentation has immediately took effect in my life personally. I was just at the grocery store the other day and was counting how many plastic bags I had from the grocery store. I had 17 bags from that one trip. I have purchased some cloth bags and intend to use them every chance that I get. The benefit of using the cloth bags is they are so much more durable. I an’t tell you how many times I had a plastic bag break or have a hole in it and my groceries go everywhere. The way I look at it, making a change from plastic will not hinder my lifestyle and I will have a part in protecting the environment. I conducted my own calculations on how many plastic bags I will save by making the change. If I live to be 70 years old, I will have saved 23,000 bags from harming the environment. As I look at that number, it gives me that much more motivation to stay focused.

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