The happy couple - descriptive writing

The lights were dimmed that the room gave off a vibe of relaxation and compassion. Burgundy silk curtains draped around the tall glass windows at the restaurant wall with a certain pattern to each. The young couple sat at the round table closets to closed window curtain. The table cloth was silk and the chairs was an old Victorian theme, swirls and designs engraved in its ivory wood. The couple stared into each other’s emerald eyes and gave each other a warm smile.

A violinist came to their table playing a soft tune from the romantic period. The violinist bow skid across the strings as it crescendo its notes. The perfect vibrato of the violinist’s hand, made the tune bounce off from the walls of the small restaurant. The waiter finally arrived with the happy couple’s dinner. Pasta of the Sea for the young girl and Soup of the Sea for the young boy, the waiter politely made a small bow, leaving with the violinist.

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The young couple ate under the murmured of the other guest and the soft violin tune but they were silence eating without saying a single word to one another. The sea food dinner was filled with delicate spices and ingredients that made anyone’s stomach growl in hunger by just the smell of it. A mixture of well cooked octopus legs, crab meat, shrimp and oyster all mixed in with their chosen ingredient. For the young girl it was thin long pasta that was tangle with all the sea fruits.

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For the young boy the soup was a red tint with the saviors of each sea fruit in the mixture.

Before the young couple was finish with their meal, the young boy stood from his chair allowing to slightly scraping against the tiles and kneeled down in front of the young girl. The restaurant grew into a quick silence that only the opening and closing of the kitchen door was heard. The young boy poured his heart out in a poem of stutters trying to keep his head straight asking the girl her loved with passion of no other to marry him.

The guests were in awed at the young happy couple when the young girl said yes. The people in the restaurant burst into a sea of claps and cheers. The
violinist played his tune once again, letting the romantic tune stand above the claps.

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The happy couple - descriptive writing
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