The Handmaids Tale Book English Literature Essay

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I think this is what God must look like: an egg. The life of the Moon may non be on the surface, but indoors. The egg is glowing now, as if it had an energy of its ain. To look at the egg gives me intense pleasance. ( Atwood, 137 )

Tropology ( Symbolism ) : The word “ egg ” is used to symbolize the eggs nowadays in females for reproduction.

By giving an insightful description of an egg, Offred reveals that she excessively is eagerly waiting for her eggs to go active.

She wants to go heavy with a kid.

This description illuminates the really thought of birthrate of the servant ‘s and how their endurance is based on their ability to reproduce.

Through the usage of figure of speechs, Offred uses eggs as a fantastic symbol of birth and metempsychosis ; a lifeless object out of which life comes.

The egg can besides be symbolised as Creation, where the outer shell represents the outer atmosphere, the colorless fibril represents H2O and the yolk represents the Earth.

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This reading reinforces the importance and power that a “ mere ” egg contains.

Offred can besides be seen as a personification of the egg. Like an egg, she has a tough outside that does non interrupt easy. Likewise, she excessively has the ability to convey a new life to this universe like the yolk of an egg. She besides has an termination day of the month as she can be sent to the settlements of the “ Unwomen ” if she does n’t reproduce, merely the manner eggs are disposed if they are non consumed within the given clip period.

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The radiance of the egg demonstrates the illustriousness and power that it holds. If she is successful in reproducing a kid, she will be known which emphasises that she has the possible to be great.

Therefore this design component is effectual in portraying the subject of birthrate and power as the elaborate description of the egg shows her willingness to acquire pregnant.

This makes the reader think does the radiance of the egg foreshadow the reaching of a babe in the commanding officer ‘s house?

Why does Offred experience intense pleasance by looking at an egg? What deeper significance does this sentence demonstrate?

Offred can be compared to our planet Earth. She has a difficult outside depicting that she is really intelligent and can non be easy fooled, like the Earth ‘s surface. But as we dig deeper, Offred is shown as a really delicate adult female with cherished memories of her hubby and girl. She has a shows a batch of love and fondness towards them which signifies a soft inside, merely as the Earth ‘s nucleus is liquid mantle. These elements make Offred a complete adult female.

The ruddy Birthmobile is parked in the private road. Its back door is unfastened and I clamber in. The rug on the floor is ruddy, ruddy drapes are draw over the Windowss. ( Atwood, 138 )

Tropology ( Symbolism ) : The colour ruddy symbolises birthrate, which is besides used to turn to the servants.

By utilizing the colour red as a symbol of birthrate, the writer tries to emphasis the intent of the servant ‘s in the Gilead society.

Besides, by emphasizing on the colour ruddy, the really thought of individuality and segregation of adult females among the different categories is signified.

The servants are merely allowed to have on the colour ruddy. This shows that in the society, they are identified by this colour. Red, which normally symbolises birthrate, is worn by the servants to demo their position in the society while the married womans of the commanding officers and adult females with rich matrimonies are given the autonomy to have on the togss of their pick.

The servants have to have on ruddy which creates a sense of confusion as it is non specified whether the new differentiation is good to them or non.

Red is besides used as a symbol of danger. They are most prone to harm in the Gilead society due to emotions such as green-eyed monster which can be exhibited by the other servants or the married womans.

Therefore this design component is effectual in uncovering the subject of the segregation of adult females in the society which can be displayed by the colour of the apparels which the servants wear.

The servants know why the colour ruddy is chosen for them. Thus the repeat of ruddy illustrates that the servants are ever reminded of their intent in the community.

This makes the reader think, why does the new wave in which the servants are transported called the “ birthmobile ” ?

Should the services, such as transit, provided to the servants be considered a privilege?

This state of affairs is indistinguishable to one of the state of affairs in the novel “ The Kite Runner ” by Khalid Hussein. In the football bowl, during the half clip, the Taliban thrust a ruddy pick-up with two people who were to be executed publicly. Both, the colour of the pick-up and the birthmobile is ruddy. Therefore it signifies that in both the societies, the authorities harms the people if the regulations are non obeyed.

A thing is valued, she says, merely if it is rare and difficult to acquire. We want you to be valued, misss. She is rich in intermissions, which she savours in her oral cavity. Think of yourselves as pearls. ( Atwood, 141 )

Fictional character: Aunt Lydia ‘s character is portrayed from her duologues.

From the above lines said by Aunt Lydia, she seems to be really converting which reveals that she is a really good speechmaker.

This displays the subject of brainwashing and segregation of the adult females categories in the Gilead society.

Aunt Lydia belongs to a category of adult females who are responsible to learn the adult females like Offred the political orientation of the Gilead society and do them follow their destinies peacefully before they become servants.

This sentence is a flashback of one of the expressions of Aunt Lydia which haunts Offred. This makes it apparent that Aunt Lydia is a chilling adult female who purely wants Gilead ‘s regulations to be followed.

Her words efficaciously manipulate and brainwash the ideas adult females in the Red Center. She tactfully induces the false belief into the servants ‘ ideas that they are valued in the society. Her rich intermissions is a dramatic illustration of the manner she is able to pull strings and brainwash the adult females in the centre.

Her actions and ideas support her character as a instructor who truly believes in the virtuousness of the Gilead ‘s order.

Even though she is a adult female in the Gilead community, she holds a place of power and authorization which is seldom attained.

This makes the reader ponder, who has the authorization over the aunts? Who has the ultimate authorization in Gilead?

How did the aunts get so much power in their custodies? If they were adult females, why were they given this power?

Aunt Lydia ‘s character is really similar to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a really rigorous and magnetic dictator. His words could actuate anyone and ab initio people loved him for that. But he made many alterations in the authorities policies and harmed many Jews. He forced the citizens to follow him and was really rigorous with his policies. Likewise, Aunt Lydia is a really rigorous instructor who wants the Gilead ‘s regulations to be followed. She is a good speechmaker and uses the Bible to warrant her actions and is really successful at it. She is really successful at brainwashing the servants by doing them believe that they are valued in the society and that she is at that place to assist them.

“ Ofwarren is in the maestro sleeping room, a good name for it ; where this Commanding officer and his Wife every night bed down. She ‘s sitting on their king-size bed, propped with pillows: Janine, inflated but reduced, shorn of her former name. ” ( Atwood, 145 )

Location: The maestro sleeping room

Ofwarren is transferred to the maestro sleeping room in Commander Warren ‘s house as she is about to give birth to the commanding officer ‘s kid.

This act reflects the impression of world V flight and encephalon lavation of the servants.

While Ofwarren is in the procedure of giving birth to the commanding officer ‘s kid, she is given the undivided attending of all the servants. Her arrangement in the maestro sleeping room is important as this indicates a displacement in the scene. Before the servant was placed in a bare room where there was nil epicurean and anything provided to her was restricted.

She is given short lived luxury which shows that the servants are given regard and self-respect they deserve merely during child birth. The nine months of maltreatment and isolation which they distressingly face is forgotten about when they give birth. This is a cagey measure taken by the commanding officer ‘s married woman as the concluding minute of luxury brainwashes the servant ( Janine ) .

This act of luxury and short lived fame makes the other servants covetous. This fuels their false belief that they are wanted in the society. They feel esteemed throughout the ceremonial but are wholly forgotten about one time the whole procedure is over.

This conjures images of treachery and choler as the servants are unconsciously controlled by the aunts and commanding officer ‘s married womans by supplying them short lived luxury, in this instance, the arrangement of Ofwarren in the maestro sleeping room.

This design component is effectual in conveying into focal point the thought of brainwashing and use of the servant ‘s ideas by supplying them with short lived fame and luxury.

This makes the reader ponder, why are most of the servants satisfied by this short lived luxury and celebrity? Will they of all time find out the truth or will they stay blind?

Will the servants get the rights they deserve?

The state of affairs of the servants is indistinguishable to the status of the laborers in the tribal parts of Africa where they work difficult twenty-four hours and dark to last. Their work is non recognised by the plantation proprietors and they are underpaid to a big extent. Annually, these plantation workers get a fillip which is adequate to maintain them satisfied. They do non revolt against the system and bury the anguish which they suffer through the twelvemonth by simply a fillip. The servants make the same error. They outright forget the anguish which they suffer throughout their stay in their commanding officer ‘s houses and concentrate on the celebrity and luxury which they get when they give birth.

On this twenty-four hours, we can make anything we want. I revise that: within bounds. ( Atwood, 139 )

Position: Offred expresses her ideas by doing this bold comment.

This bold comment by Offred conveys the thought of freedom and parturiency of the maidservants.

The birth of a kid from another maidservant brings joy to all the maidservants. They feel for each other even though there is some component of green-eyed monster.

Offred says that today they will be free. But her alteration of the statement indicates that even during a celeberation, they can ne’er be genuinely free. There will ever be parturiencies.

This is an case of the voice and look of the servants being supressed by the adult females in power. This represents the thought of segregation of adult females in assorted categories.

Since the servants are monitored by the married womans of the commanding officers even though they are “ free ” , displays that they will ne’er be to the full free. They will ne’er achieve complete freedom even for a twenty-four hours as they are servants. They are considered to be at a low degree in the categories of adult females in the Gilead society where they have merely one intent, i.e. to engender kids.

This makes the reader think, why the servants do non appeal to their several commanding officer ‘s married womans for one twenty-four hours of complete freedom?

Why do n’t the servants rebellions against the Gilead system of they hate it? What are the possible results of this rebellion?

Offred from “ The Handmaid ‘s Tale ” is really similar to Prudenza from the novel “ The Trophy Bride ‘s Tale ” . In both the books, the adult females are subjected to repression. Prudenza was married to a adult male much older to her without her consent. She does non hold any kind of power and is supposed to follow orders of the work forces. Identically, Offred does non hold any power of her ain. She is an instrument for reproduction for the Gilead and does non function any other intent. They do non hold any freedom and voice to stand for them. They have to follow instructions for endurance.

We play two games. Larynx, I spell. Valance, Quince. Zygote. ( Atwood, 174 )

Ocular Structure: The italicising of the words voice box, cornice, Cydonia oblonga and fertilized ovum.

These words stand out from the regular type on the page.

This illustrates the subject of voice of the servants and their birthrate in the Gilead society.

The first word which is laid out by Offred in the game scrabble is larynx. This brings into focal point that Offred is seeking to pass on with the commanding officer. She highlights that she is non able to discourse with anyone in this society. Her deficiency of voice in any country of the society is pinpointed.

The usage of the other two words portrays that Offred wants like to portion a few words with the commanding officer based on these subjects.

The last word which she uses is fertilized ovum. This reminds the reader of an egg. The really egg which Offred thinks of when she has her breakfast. Zygote symbolizes the kid which she has to reproduce which she has failed to make so far.

Cornice is a symbol of her uniform and the wings which she has to have on. Thus the words voice box and cornice are used to show the parturiency which Offred is supposed to esteem being a servant of the Gilead.

This makes the reader think, why is Offred seeking to pass on with the commanding officer even though he is unsafe?

Does the commanding officer agree with the ways of the Gilead authorities? Why does he interrupt the regulations by playing a game of scrabble with Offred?

The manner Offred communicates with the commanding officer is really alone. Alternatively of straight speaking to him, she uses the words in the game to assist her communicate. This is really similar to the mark linguistic communication which people use to pass on without the usage of any words. This helps them interact with one another without any signifier of direct address. Thus it helps people to discourse in those topographic points where one should non speak or can non speak, for illustration, underwater. Since Offred does non straight want to speak to the commanding officer about some issues, she chooses to speak to him utilizing words.

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