In the beginning of the book The Chrysalids, David Strorm was describing a dream. A marvelous dream about a city seamlessly embraced by the untainted sea set around it. On the streets ran carts without horses and in the sky flew these burnished things shaped like fish, but they weren’t birds. Such a city was so fascinating to a boy who had lived in a society where everyone would look for anything that was odd, or really anything out of the “norm.

” David never knew that this dream wasn’t just a dream, and he did not know that the city would ever be real. The following years had fetched David some happiness, but he fell into despair at a time. And even after all the trouble and discoveries good and bad, a happy ending was nearby. The city in the dream, New Zealand, was lastly reached, but, this was only because of the following people. Uncle Axel, the mouthpiece of John Wyndham, is David’s dearest uncle and mentor.

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A judicious guide whom which without, the young David would not be the same.

He is an uplifting man who accepts people’s differences, contrast to Joseph Strorm, who is disgusted by the littlest differences on any being. The nights after Aunt Harriet’s death were very hard and frightening for young David, as he would solemnly pray to God that the next morning he would lose his powers and become normal. Grief had taken over his mind and I think he may have soon started following his father because he was the only influence in the house.

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Growing up in a vile dire district of hatred could never have been where David would spend his life as he was then slowly starting to hate his powers. One morning, David talked with Uncle Axel about Aunt Harriet and her baby, but halfway into telling his Uncle, he began crying. He then told him that he was scared. Uncle Axel said this to David: “I can almost understand that God, made angry, might destroy all living things, or the world itself; but I don’t understand this instability, this mess of deviations- it makes no sense.” “We got to believe that God is sane, Davie boy…Whatever happened there was not sane-not sane at all.” (Ch.8, pg.78)

He moved impatiently about Tribulation, preachers, and the Old People. Uncle Axel was the main guide for David because his words of wisdom brought David back up. David then accepted his difference and was able to survive the next six years without letting his powers get known. The Sealand woman was the definition of perfection and untainted beauty and David’s main advisor and the story’s lifeline. She was wearing a lovely white dress; she had impeccably white teeth, and she had creamy white skin with rosy pink cheeks. David describes her as “all new and perfect,” and the Sealand woman was thought as the real “true image.” She had telepathic powers on a level where she could send thought pictures midway across the world to Petra in Labrador. The Sealand woman liked change whereas David’s father hated change. In the heat of the battle in the Fringes, after Gordon and Sophie died from a cloudburst of arrows, a raft arisen and ended the bloodbath. In that raft was the angelic Sealand woman. She made the raft fire a web-like substance upon the rebellious people below and the substance casted a paralysis throughout.

It had even caught Michael, David, Petra, and Rosalind nonetheless, but the Sealand woman got them out of the substance and was elated afterwards. And so, David, Petra, and Rosalind board the raft with the Sealand Women. The dream was then only minutes away from becoming reality. Two other guides for David were his little sister Petra Strorm and Rosalind Morton. Petra Strorm is a big help to David and the entire group as she is the main reason they had gained the chance to reach the “promised land.” Petra Strorm had unbelievable telepathic prowess where she could send thought shapes extremely far distances, like she did when she was drowning or when she communicated with the Sealand woman halfway around the world. If Petra and the Sealand women never sent thought shapes to each other, the Sealand woman would never have come to the group’s rescue. It’s Petra’s far-fetched powers that had sparked hope in the midst of the others.

Rosalind Morton was also another helpful person in David’s journey because she had taken the responsibility of protecting Petra when in the Fringes. This saved David the worry because Rosalind acted as a mother for Petra. Michael was also a guide for David and helped him and the two girls survive the Fringes and reach Sealand. Michael was the group’s spearhead as he was reliable and very bright. He was always able to make the right decisions and everyone would go to him for guidance. For example, when Petra and Rosalind were being held hostage, David was really hesitant and unsure of what to do, so he asked Michael. Furthermore, Michael’s advice led to the salvage of the two girls. In addition, Michael had always endeavored to put David, Petra, and Rosalind’s well-being ahead of everything else and he in a brilliant demeanor. In exchange for their well-being, he put himself in danger.

For example, when he joined the men from Waknuk in order to capture David and the two, he was risking the chance of his telepathy powers getting revealed. Plus, when the raft from Sealand had to leave due to low fuel, Michael sacrificed his own betterment to go back for Rachel. He let David move on with the others regardless and so he could reach his “promised land” quicker. Uncle Axel, the Sealand Woman, Petra, Rosalind, and Michael were all life-saving guides and advisors for David. Uncle Axel taught David about God’s sanity and tribulation which later made David regain his self-esteem and confidence.

Petra was the reason the Sealand woman was so interested in rescuing the group and Rosalind Morton was the best friend a friend could ever have. But Michael above all, steered the group in the right direction and only with his advice did David survive in the Fringes. Then there was the Sealand woman who was the lifeline of the story, saving the lives of David and the others. A promise was made to Michael and the raft took off. David, along with Petra and Rosalind, was then on his way to seeing the dream.

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