The Greatest Day I Have Ever Lived Essay

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The Greatest Day I Have Ever Lived

Have you ever had the feeling of yearning to gain something into your possession so desperately? Well, I had. It would probably be best to describe it as the dearest wish that any typical girl my age could ever had: the trendiest, most portable, and most recently released gadget on the market featuring the most advanced technology a phone could possibly ever been designed with in mankind’s history – the extremely popular iPhone 5s. Whenever I overheard anyone, whether it was my classmate, my neighbor, or even any random passer-by bragging about his/her intriguingly costly mobile phone to others, I could immediately feel the jealousy rushing up inside of me. Furthermore, the advertisement of this brand new cellphone was practically everywhere – it was aired on television, broadcasted on the radio and I even had to bear with noticing the iPhone 5s banner stuck high up on the billboard that continuously increase the temptation of purchasing it as I passed by that area every single day on my way to school. You could therefore understand how terribly I had to put up with the envy and the desire to own this attractive cellphone.

As childish as it might have appeared to be, I had indeed attempted to obtain it by nagging my parents, not to mention how I tried to beg them using a cute puppy-like expression plastered across my face. Unfortunately, my endeavor of blabbering all about the up-to-date technology that this appealing cellphone had been installed with, such as a fingerprint identity sensor, to my parents failed tragically as I had received a laptop for my fourteenth birthday. Hence, like a spoiled teenage girl whose desire to buy a new cellphone that could practically accomplish anything had not been fulfilled by her parents, I continued grumbling as the days passed by. On one of these typical days where I lay on my bed grumbling, my eyes suddenly caught sight of a crumpled scrap of paper lying next to the waste basket of my study table.

As I was about to toss the receipt(which turned out to be from a shopping mall) into the basket, my eyes immediately widened as I scanned through it. I immediately remembered that there was a lucky draw at the mall nearby, which, as I recalled, happened to have an iPhone 5s as its grand prize. Deciding to test my luck, I dressed up hurriedly and dashed desperately to the shopping mall with my old iPhone 4s in one hand and the receipt(which contained the lucky draw number printed on it) in the other, arriving merely a minute or so earlier before the draw commenced. As I gasped to catch my breath, I stared at the bunch of people gathering around, wondering whether I could possibly stand a chance to win the iPhone 5s that I had faithfully longed for months on end against all these people. The opportunity of winning the grand prize was one in a million, after all.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ear-piercing sound produced by the microphone as the MC activated it to announce the start of the event. The opening of the event was a series of performances by a number of rock bands. When the sun finally sank below the horizon, which was approximately six o’clock in the evening, the MC started reading out the numbers for the ordinary prizes of the draw. Throughout the announcement of the draw for the ordinary prizes, I kept staring down at the scrap of paper that I had in hand, trying to match the numbers being read out with that of my own half-heartedly (because I obviously hoped to win the grand prize, not the ordinary ones). None of the numbers announced for the ordinary prizes matched mine, but I began to feel nervous as the MC eventually read out the long-awaited numbers for the winner of the night’s grand prize: the iPhone 5s.

The bearded man in red announced the numbers extremely slowly, number by number, as if he was trying to increase the tension, which was already present in the atmosphere, all the more. My hands began to tremble with excitement and the throbbing of my pulse gradually increased in pace as I discovered that the numbers, miraculously, matched mine. I was so elated that I was unable to retain my composure: I squealed, beamed, leapt onto my feet, jumped up and down like a popcorn popping about in the oven and waved the receipt at the chuckling MC. As I made my way up to the stage to make my speech of gratitude to the sponsors of the mall, the first sentence that I uttered was: “This is the greatest day I have ever lived in my entire life”

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