The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby has captured people who wanted and defined the American dream. The American dream according to Americans after the World War I is to earn money and get everything they want without exerting too much effort, being successful without doing actual work. Jay Gatsby has successfully achieved the American dream; he gained his success and fortune out of crime; he was prominent and well known among the socialites.

Jay Gatsby had it all; all except the girl he loved. The value of Americans has changed after the World War I. People became greedier, people wanted everything without exerting an effort, so much like those who went to parties organized by Jay Gatsby. They acknowledged the wealth of Gatsby without thinking where and how he got it, all they knew was that he was a powerful person and they should join him in order to be powerful and successful.

The ideal of having the American dream in the Victorian Era was to be an individual and to discover what one’s purpose is different from the dream Americans dream after the World War I. People were willing to let others sacrifice in order for them to get what they wanted. Fitzgerald is trying to show his readers through his novel that the moral of Americans had changed and that their values were different from the past. He showed what

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