The Great Baby Einstein Scam Essay

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The Great Baby Einstein Scam

This article was about the baby Einstein videos that Disney came out with. In the article it explained how Disney used deceptive advertising and gave refunds out to parents who bought the video. The author is Mira Jacob who is an editor at the online magazine Shine. The target audiences are people who remember the great baby Einstein scam. I believe this author was right in what he wrote and Disney did the right thing by refunding people who bought the videos. I don’t see this research as a problem it’s just to show you don’t believe everything you see on TV. The author’s position is in shocked surprised at the false advertisement. Mira Jacob was at a shock because the video was by Disney and how a third of America has purchased the video in a 2003 study. The evidence in the article was from New York Times and an article at American Academy of Pediatrics. Also the author shows some disappointment in the article with how a lot of Americans were lied to about what the video could do. In conclusion, I’m on the authors and probably the majority of the audience side. If Disney did not do what the videos were supposed to do then everyone who bought the video deserves a refund. I think Disney is doing the right thing by refunding everyone. It was a confirmed scan after health layers hired by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood did a study and found that watch TV at an early age causes problems later on with attention span.

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