The Graphical User Interface Computer Science Essay

A Graphical User Interface is a system of graphical elements that allow the terminal user to interact with the underlying package of the GUI utilizing simple mouse operations.

MATLAB has in-built support for GUI development and scheduling. Since we were already utilizing it for our vision processing, we decided to plan our GUI besides utilizing MATLAB. It offers two ways to plan a GUI. One is through GUIDE, MATLAB 's Graphical User Interface Development Environment, and the other is through programming - a instead boring method, same as in other non-interactive linguistic communications.

6.1 Graphical User Interface ( GUI )


A Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) is a type of user interface which permits the people to interrelate with the electronic devices. A GUI offers graphical icons and ocular marks contrasting to the text-based interfaces, typed bid labels or text pilotage to to the full typify the information and actions available to the user. The actions are performed through direct operation of the graphical elements.

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The term GUI is restricted to the range of the planar 2D show screens with show declarations capable of depicting standard information.

A GUI uses a combination of accomplishments and devices to supply a platform the user can interact with, for the undertakings of assemblage and bring forthing information.

One of the of import parts of the package application scheduling is the designing of the ocular agreement and the temporal behaviour of the GUI. Its end is to heighten the efficiency and easiness of usage for the implicit in design of the stored plan.

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Typically, the user interacts with information by pull stringsing ocular doodads that allow for interactions right to the sort of informations they hold. The doodads of a well-designed interface are selected to back up the actions necessary to carry through the ends of the user. The of import factor is that the good user interface design associated to the user, non the system architecture.

The ocular graphical interface characteristics of an application are sometimes referred to as 'CHROME ' .

A general signifier of the Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) , which we all use, is the Microsoft windows that characteristic the undermentioned simple and basic constituents.

Arrow: A symbol looking on the show screen which is used to choose objects.

Icons: The little symbols that denote files, booklets etc.

Desktop: The country on the show screen where the icons are assembled together.

Menus: The list of certain undertakings out of which merely one is performed at a clip.

6.1.2 GUIs in MATLAB

A Graphical User Interface in MATLAB is a graphical show that encompasses the devices or constituents, therefore easing the user to execute join forcesing undertakings. The MATLAB GUI is opportune to utilize as it releases the user from the attempt of typing bids in the bid line or composing overlong books to execute a undertaking.

The GUI in MATLAB can demonstration informations in the tabular signifier or in the graphical signifier. The most common faculties used in making GUI in MATLAB are listed as under.

1. Push Button


Radio Button

Check Box

Edit Box

Pop-Up Menu

List Box


6.1.3 Working of MATLAB GUI

The GUI itself and each constituent used in the GUI are associated with a user-written recall modus operandi. When a peculiar action on the GUI screen is performed, the corresponding recall is called and the pre-defined map for that action takes topographic point. The pre-defined maps are stored in the recalls by the Godhead of the GUI.

This sort of public presentation of a certain map when a certain action occurs is known as event-driven scheduling. The happening of an action is called the event. In the event-driven scheduling, the recall executing is asynchronous, controlled by the events external to the package. For the MATLAB GUIs, these events normally take the signifier of user interaction with the GUI.

One of import factor sing the happening of sequence of events that led to their executing is that they are outside the control of the GUI Godhead. Besides he does non hold control over when the recall does put to death.

6.1.4 Making GUIs in MATLAB

The MATLAB offers two methods for making GUI.

Making GUI with GUIDE

Making GUI Programmatically

In the coming few pages, we will hold an overlook on the methods of making GUIs by both methods. Creating GUIs with GUIDE

GUIDE, the MATLAB Graphical User Interface Development Environment, provides the set of tools for making the graphical user interface ( GUI ) . The creative activity of GUI through GUIDE involves two procedures.

Puting out the Graphical user interface

Programing the GUI

Puting Out the Graphical user interface

The GUIDE layout editor allows the Godhead to dwell the GUI by merely snaping and dragging the constituents into the GUI country. Some tools leting the GUI to be resized, align constituents, tab order colony, position of hierarchal list of component objects are besides accessible from the Layout Editor.

When the GUI is saved, GUIDE creates two files, a FIG-file holding extension.fig which is a binary file incorporating the description of the layout and an M-file holding extension.m incorporating the codification to command the GUI.

2. Programing the GUI

When the GUI layout, created in GUIDE, is saved, the GUIDE automatically creates an M-file that is used to command the operation of the GUI. This M-file contains the codification for the low-level formatting of the GUI and the public presentation of maps when the recall for a certain event is called. A recall is a plan that is associated with a certain event of GUI or with GUI itself.

The first recall in every GUIDE created GUI M-file is the gap map.

Each recall has its ain triggering mechanism. Every recall has some belongingss. The figure of the recall belongingss varies in different events. Creating GUIs Programmatically

The MATLAB provides the suite of maps for making GUI programmatically.

6.1.5 Our Graphical user interface

Our designed GUI contains the undermentioned constituents.

Left Image Preview Axis

Right Image Preview Axis

Disparity Map Axis

FYP Logo Axis

SSUET Logo Axis

Push Buttons

Control Panel


The GUIDE layout window with the agreement of the above mentioned constituents is shown in the Figure 6.1.

Figure 6.1 ( layout of GUI )

The FYP and SSUET logo axes are to expose the FYP and SSUET logos severally. The remainder of the statements are merely the description of the undertaking written utilizing the Static Text constituent of the GUIDE.

The left and right image prevue axes are used to demo the unrecorded picture watercourses ( camera prevue ) . The picture watercourses are available after forcing the 'Preview ' push button in the 'Control Panel ' .

By snaping the push button tagged 'TASK A ' the bid sends to execute TASK A and automaton received it and move harmonizing to. While snaping the push button tagged 'TASK B ' the bid sends to execute TASK B and automaton received it and move harmonizing to.

The ensuing rectified stereo images are so clipped by certain dimensions so as to cut down the field of position of the automaton. The clipped stereo rectified images are so processed to compote the Disparity Map which is displayed on the GUI screen utilizing the disparity map axis.

Figure 6.2 ( GUI in action )

6.2 Remote Monitoring

In computer science, the term remote desktop refers to a package or an OS characteristic allowing graphical applications to be run remotely on a waiter, while being presented locally. Remote desktop applications have variable characteristics. Some allow attaching to an bing user 's session ( i.e. a running desktop ) and `` distant controlling '' it in forepart of the user 's eyes. Taking over a desktop remotely is a signifier of distant disposal.

It can besides be explained as distant control of a computing machine by utilizing another device connected via the cyberspace or another web. This is widely used by many computing machine makers ( DELL, HP etc. ) for proficient trouble-shooting for their clients. Windows XP has its ain built in distant desktop option.

The quality, velocity and maps of any distant desktop protocol are based on the system bed where the graphical desktop is redirected. Software such as Personal computer Anywhere, VNC, Teamviewer and others use the top package bed to pull out and compact the in writing interface images for transmittal. Other merchandises such as Microsoft RDP and others use a meat driver degree to build the distant desktop for transmittal.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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