The Grade Marks Encourage Students to Learn Essay

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The Grade Marks Encourage Students to Learn

Today, in order to catch up with the rapid development of society, there are many changes taken place in educational system. Some people think that they may need a different solution to evaluate students’ level in class instead of traditional giving marks. However, in my opinion, I still believe that marks are a credible standard that encourages students to learn better for following reasons.

For the first reason, grades help students become more competitive in their classes. When the same task is given to all students, the students who do the better jobs will get the higher marks. No one wants to be ranked as a lowest-mark one in class, so they have to do their utmost to complete their tasks. Often, as getting points from the teacher, Students compare theirs with one another to see who is really outstanding. Since everyone wants to be noticed, it raises a competition amongst these learners, makes them try harder. In addition, marks are especially more encouraging to children. As young ages, children haven’t been clearly aware of the importance of study, yet many of them still try hard only to get best marks – closer attention from their teacher.

Secondly, marks tell students which level they belong to. Teacher gives high marks to the good jobs and lower marks to the less ones. Basing on them, students do not only know their positions in class but also their true study level. Teacher can also observe his/her students’ marks to decide their levels, and apply more appropriate teaching methods. On the part of student, if one often gets low or average marks in a subject, he will surely knows that he had better read more, practice more to improve his knowledge. When his marks are improved, it means that his level is getting higher also.

They say giving grades to students is sometimes unfair, sometimes ineffective, or it raises some unhealthy competitions amongst them. Yet I still believe that giving marks itself in not faulty, only those who fail to do right things in their jobs cause all negative effects. If the school environment has strict law about marking and close observation, there is no reason to abolish grades. And that is why it is not incidental that most countries in the world have been applying marks in their educational systems.

Marks have been being used long time ago in education of many countries in the world and are still popular today. As any other things in life, points are applied well if serious works and good cooperation from teachers and students are contributed. For they encourage students to learn better by raising competitions amongst them and telling their true levels.

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