Gov't Programs to Encourage High School Dropouts Back to School

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These days, high school dropout is a big problem. Dropout rates of 16years old to 24years old are very high, and every year, approximately 1.2million students suffer from graduate their high school. America’s high schools called dropout factories because more than half or the nation’s dropouts produced from them. (“High School Dropout in America” 1) Moreover, more than half of dropout students are low – income, and minority students, furthermore, they are dropping out for several reasons such as lack of basic skills, low attendance, many failing grades, inappropriate behaviors, and can’t handle neither work and study.

Some of them have poor education in the past, and when they become high school students, their lack of basic skills, and their failing grades make students to drop high school. Also, minority students who unwillingly have to support their family in early ages have problems with balance their school time and work time because they have to work enough for providing their family members, (Chapman10) and also they have to study for a better grade, but they don’t have enough time.

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Students have an equal chance to study and graduate high school, but some of unfortunate students lost their chance because of their environment. However, even if students have problems in the high school, before deciding to drop out, they have to think about it seriously because this 4 year of high school programs will affect people’s whole life in the future. Government didn’t recognize this high school dropout problem, because for several years, schools and districts recorded incorrect information about graduation rates for they know that parents didn’t like that many students were dropping out of their school.

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Because schools and districts hidden this correct information, the government didn’t know that this is a serious problem. (“High School Dropout in America” 1) Many people in America don’t have a high school diploma. There are so many students who wanted to graduate, but the program of the high school in America couldn’t help them. Government should keep students in their school and help them to graduate their high school.

Having mismatched job which gives people boring and hard time is really challenging. High school is like a small experiment of our society. People can find their interest and what they want to be when they are study in high school. They have several kinds of educations, and when they learn through them, they can realize which one is interesting and which one is not and they can discuss about their future job based on this information with counselors, teachers, or families. If people who drop out in early grade of 4 years high school program, they might not know what they do well, and what they really want to be. The rates of the high school dropout are getting decrease. (“Dropout rates of 16to 24 year old” 1) Dropout rate between 1972 and 2005 are not a huge difference, but this rate going down slowly. People now know that high school dropout is an important problem, and try to not drop out. This is a good sign. Furthermore, when people don’t drop out, they can have a good study, and the country can get a better worker. Every country wants to have better educated people for the best job, and those people make our future country.

The most job minimum requirement is at least having a high school diploma. So, even if the student only gets high school diploma, they can have more chance to get well – paying job in the future than who don’t have a high school diploma. (“High School Dropout Rates” 1) Most enrolled students and who dropout high schools tent to have a poor job that give people a small amount of money, so some of them have a two jobs or three jobs for supporting themselves and their families financially. And some of high school dropouts become involved in crime. (“High School Dropout Rates” 1) People who have a high school diploma can have better jobs than those who don’t have and can have a successful life in the future. (“High School Dropout Rates” 2) Moreover, they can go to college or university and can have even best jobs.

For those who don’t have a high school diploma, government should help them and make them to apply high school diploma programs, or GED programs. There are several schools which help people to get a high school diploma, and GED. Also some of internet schools help people to get study and diploma for free. It is made for people who don’t have enough time to study in school, or who have a low-income can study by just using internet service. However, the problem is, they are disappearing one by one for lack of the state’s budget. Government should leave them or make more of those programs for many students who want to have a chance to get a better job and secure future. Government should help high school students to do not drop out because it is good for students, and also good for the country. However, students who enrolled and dropped out of high school in the past also have to be active and find there are any of programs near them that can help them. If they really want to have a chance and a better study, they will find it.

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