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The government should offer free WI-FI to public in both cities

Bringing free Wi-Fi to cities and rural areas would make life easy to society by online self-service instead to travelling and standing in long quire. 27


Free Wi-Fi would help students to access different study resources that will make studying interesting and easy to access any aware. Access to free Wi-Fi will give them time to engage with other students easily to share knowledge by creating study groups, online libraries and online tutorials. This will save money of buying many text books and travelling distance to meet with study groups which also affect the concertation and interest due to different financial back ground.


The lack of security poses a threat to the public. The content that you browse and every click you make on the internet can be seen by the Wi-Fi providers due to the lack of encryption. Information is therefore easily accessible to hackers, making it easier to steal your personal information. Public Wi-Fi connection will be considerably slower due to a lower bandwidth connection.

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Along with this, some people may use the connection to spread viruses, potentially causing a time lag and in the longer term, damage your device


Online campaigns and programs are helpful in terms of educating society about primary health care and healthy environment which is a key of sustaining a long life and disease free. Teenage pregnancy and sexual disease is spreading due to lack of knowledge within our communities, as we lead by peer pressure and community believes like never use condom if you engage sexually with a person you being dating for long.

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Free Wi-Fi will create a platform where people get informed about their environmental factors. 265

Public Wi-Fi would harm Internet service providers. Per the Internet service providers if the government intervenes in the communications sector, this will alter the market competition meaning it will discourage investment, causing a natural slowdown in this sector and this would mean that automatic increase in taxes as government must take money from somewhere means municipal wi-fi connections would not be free anymore. This is potentially threatening for economic and social stability. Public Wi-Fi would harm Internet service providers, causing a natural slowdown in this sector. This is potentially threatening for economic and social stability


Implementation of Wi-Fi within Cities and rural areas will create many jobs for people and internet service providers. This will bring growth and exposure to internet of thing where youth will have time to explore careers within the field of technology and apply online. Everyone one will be able to self-service easily without travelling to any institution it may be banks, department of housing or education institution reducing traffic in roads.

In conclusion, free Wi-Fi won’t be a bad idea it will depend on how individual use it and how is government facilitating it. Educational institution and library should have priority torrent and some websites should be blocked so it may be in good use. World is changing to digital transformation which force everyone to use internet for any transection or application so that will inspire everyone to change way of living not worrying about buying data bundle

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