The Gold Mountain Coat Essay

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The Gold Mountain Coat

“On Sunday (March 1), a small group of armed civilians killed a Serbian wedding guest and wounded the priest. ” The war broke out between Sarajevo and Pale after the attack of armed civilians from Pale on Sarajevo. Comparing to Zlata’s Diary with the book The Freedom Writers, both the books has wars in different issues but has similar consequences. Zlata’s Diary has a conflict between two countries which created the war. The Freedom Writers Diary has gang wars because of discrimination between races. Though these two books have wars on different issues, they both have similar consequences.

In Freedom Writers Diary many students of Wilson High School has to lose their friends, families and neighbour in gang wars. Most of them were not even involved in gang fight but accidently they were killed. Gang fights was not only outside the school but inside the school too. Many students were involved in gangs based on their races. The fight usually broke out between two different gangs during school. This undeclared war has affected a community as well as Wilson High School learning environment.

Same as The Freedom Writers Diary, the war in Zlata’s Diary has tremendous effect on citizens of Sarajevo. Many people died during the war between Sarajevo and Pale. Many houses of the innocents were destroyed by bombs. “People sang and cried ‘Bosnia, Bosnia’, ‘Sarajevo’, ‘Sarajevo’, ‘We will be together’ and ‘come outside’. This shows that people didn’t war to continue knowing it will ruins their lives. Both the wars in Zlata’s Diary and The Freedom Writers Diary have similar consequence and tell us how ordinary people were affected by the wars.

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