The GMEA Symphonic Honor Band Concert Review

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When I was growing up I raised in a household that listened predominantly to rhythm and blues and not much else. So, when I was given this assignment I did not think that I would have anything to write about, but it turns out that I do have something to write about. The only music that I really listen to, when I was able to choose for myself, is rap music and after doing some research I learned that all of it does not incorporate music that is made from a computer program.

Now that I really liked it. At first, I thought the definition of a live concert was one that I had to actually pay for but I was informed that it could also be a live high school concert. Not only have I performed in several band and symphony concerts, but I have also had the opportunity to watch from the audience.

For my last fall semester of high school, I was chosen to be in the GMEA (Georgia Music Educators Association) District Honor Band.

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One of the pieces we played that stuck in my memory was “His Honor”, by Fillmore/Fennell. I found it a bit difficult to write a review without criticizing myself so I turned to YouTube for some help. I watched the GMEA Symphonic Honor Band and it just blew me away. I have to admit they sounded just as good as we did, considering we were a high school band. The group also played Big Band music as well as other popular genres from the 20th century.

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They played Swing and the Blues, which I loved.

This Honor Band played several songs, four of which the alto sax had Improvised Solos, and in my opinion, she was the most skilled in the entire group. At that point, it became very evident that this player was familiar with Chord Progressions. The group played a series of Trios, Minuets, and followed that with a song played in Rondo form. Their final piece was composed during the Neo-Classical period which had a very fast tempo in Triple Meter. The instrument that I really did enjoy listening to, and will always enjoy, is the trumpet. At times the song they were playing would require that the Trumpet be Muted. To me, the Mute gives the trumpet really great clarity.

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