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The Glass Menagerie Essay Examples

Essay on The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie and What's Eating Gilbert Grape Essa

Even though they get into arguments, Tom still has the responsibility of taking care of his family and only accepted inviting over a gentleman caller for Laura to save himself. Amanda worries about Laura because of her extremely shy personality and has a fear of Tom being like his father, abandoning the family. In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Gilbert works at Lamson’s Grocery, a small grocery ...

"The Glass Menagerie" Movie Review

The only person I could really understand was Tom, and after an hour of painfully watching this movie, not only was I sympathetic of his poor soul, but I was fully supporting his decision of abandoning his family. I don't think that was supposed to happen. Some plays were never meant for the T.V screen, let's make this one of them. You and your money deserve better. So do yourself a favour and wat...

Amanda Wingfield in "The Glass Menagerie"

Amanda goes on to pasteurizing Tom about finding someone for Laura, yet small things like this irritate Tom and make him want to leave and never come back. This small scene gives the reader an image of Amanda and how she contributes to the play. Her attitude and her values shape the other characters as well. In retrospect it is understood that one of the main reasons Tom left in the end of the pl...

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Biff Loman and Tom Wingfield Analysis

Biff and Tom both lack a strong father figure in their lives. As a result they know nothing better and they are forced to develop the same unfavorable traits as their fathers. The results for both characters are different as both fathers have unique faults, but the main result is the same. This ultimate result is that both characters fall quickly from their fantasy world that have been instilled o...

Themes In a Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Williams and Miller both wrote plays that run parallel to one another. Death of the Salesman and The Glass Menagerie appear coincidently similar at first glance, upon a closer examination, it becomes evident that the plays have analogous themes. In particular, both plays battle with the distinction between illusion and reality, the incapability of living in the present, and the desire for escape....

The Glass Menagerie

In conclusion, Amanda is deeply flawed throughout in regards to her obsessive and over controlling manner. Due to her behaviour, she eventually drives Tom away. However, she only means well in her actions. She is critical of her children because she feels she knows what is best for them. Her obsessive nature influences the readers understanding of her character in the play as a whole. It helps the...

Compare Blanche and Amanda

Amanda and Blanche are similar in the ways they conduct themselves and how they rely on other people to fill voids in their lives. Both women escape reality by living in illusionary worlds and by reminiscing about the past. They rely heavily on men and are desperate to get one. Blanche and Amanda drive everyone crazy causing their own families to slowly drift away from them. While these characters...

Tennessee Williams

One of the great American playwright, Tennessee Williams, has produced some of the best works we will ever see. Even though his professional career only lasted 45 years, his works are still being used all over the world. Tennessee Williams was an important American playwright who tied in his personal life into his writings, and used women over men in his plays, and he compared his works to the oth...

Difficulty Accepting Reality

Amanda, the mother of both Tom and Laura, has the most complicated relationship with reality in the play. Unlike her children, she really wants social and financial success. Her attachments to wanting these life values keep her from accepting the truth about her own life. Amanda cannot accept that she may be responsible for the flaws and sorrows of her children. The ways she escapes from reality m...

Symbolism in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie

This is symbolic of everything that Jim destroyed and took from Laura in that single evening. Symbolism is a literary device that Williams employs in almost all of his writing. Using common place items – the fire escape, glass figurines, roses – allows the theme, character development, and the denouement of the story to be easily accessible and understood by the audience. The glass menagerie i...

The Matriarch Behind William’s The Glass Menagerie

Beaurline, Lester A. The Glass Menagerie: From Story to Play. Modern Drama, 8. 2 (September 1965): 142-149. Crandell, George W. (Ed. ). The Critical Response to Tennessee Williams. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996. Howell, Elmo. The Function of Gentlemen Callers: A Note on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Notes on Mississippi Writers 2. 3(Winter 1970): 83-90. Stein, Roger B. The Glass...

Close reference

' This is used to give an emotional emphasis to this passage, it seems to suit this passage as we assume it to be extremely light and delicate, and very sad. Overall, scene 3's content is majorly full of hate, anger and envy. This relates back to what William's psychiatrist said about his plays. The hate anger and envy, as well as desperation are evident in this scene through each of the character...

Rubicam’s Business College

Many diners turn to look at the spectacle. ] LAURA: [in a tone of utter despair, covering her face with her hands] No… Stop staring…! I’m going to be sick! [Exit LAURA, who runs away from the scene. The cafeteria soon returns to its natural state, having forgotten that Laura Wingfield ever existed. ] BLANCHE: Shakespeare got it right! ‘Alas, I am a woman friendless, hopeless! ’ - There i...

Comparision between a dolls house and a glass menegarie

Thus, in both these plays, “A Doll’s House”, and “A Glass Menagerie”, Nora and Amanda have similarities as well as differences. This similarity between both of them is that both of them care about their kids, and both of them are not in touch with reality. And the difference between them is that Nora finds freedom after leaving her husband, whereas, on the other hand, Amanda kind of feel...

The character of Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie

At the end of the play, Tom chooses his personal dreams over the reality of his family's need. He sees himself as both hero and villain for having left home. It has taken him a long time to muster the pirate-like sense of villainy and daring necessary for him to make his move. Therefore, according to Lori Leathers Single, "Tom's decision to leave becomes a matter of self-preservation, a necessary ...

Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie: Summary & Analysis

Because Amanda Wingfield is caught between the past and the present, she is overprotective of her children and treats them with a flippant attitude. Amanda wants only the best for her children, but continually fails to understand that her children have different personalities from her. Although she is a loving mother, she clings to her past and uses it to plan out her children's lives. Because Ama...

The Glass Menagerie is an alltime favorite play for many

Even though there are a few differences in the movie and in the text, there are a lot more similarities then differences. One important similarity is that Tom is still the narrator just like he is in the text. Also, the apartment they lived in had the fire escape and dance hall in the alley and Tom would go out there and smoke just like the book. Tom also shows how much he loves his sister Laura j...

The Glass Menagerie Pages

Mirroring, the social and economic despair of the thirties in the U.S, "The Glass Menagerie" in nostalgia for a past world and its evocation of loneliness and lost love celebrates, above all, the human need to dream. Amanda Wingfield resents the poverty - stricken neighborhood in which she lives, so much so that she needs to escape mentally from it by invented romance and self-deception. Williams ...

The Glass Menagerie: a Memory Play

The play’s style may best be described as expressionistic—underlying meaning is emphasized at the expense of realism. The play’s lack of stylistic realism is further explained by the fact that the story is told from Tom’s memory. As Tom puts it, the fact that what we are seeing is a memory play means that “it is dimly lighted, it is sentimental, it is not realistic. In memory everything ...

Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie

As the introspective and diffident Laura is lost even further in to herself. We begin to see a glance of the symbolisms in the usage of the rainbow and its colourss. But it is less obvious than that of the glass unicorn. The rainbow signifies that there may be some hope in the hereafter. Tom gives Laura a glance of hope, “Laura is overwhelmed with emotions when Tom pulls out the rainbow-colored ...

The Glass Menagerie Amanda

Amanda should have taken in to account that Tom is a young man, and instead of trying to sort out his sister and her life, Amanda should have allowed him to live his own life and follow his own dreams. Just as instead of meddling, Amanda should have left Laura’s love life up to fate and not taken it on as a hobby, which turned into an unhealthy obsession to find Laura a man. Amanda should have j...

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