The Girl Who Ran Away Essay

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The Girl Who Ran Away

Children were running around. The playground was filled with laughter. Everyone was happy, except a little girl. She was sitting on the bench, staring at the photo she was holding. That photo was taken three years ago. Three years ago, her parents still love each other. Three years ago, her parents would not fight or even argue. Things changed, since her father was transferred to Singapore because of his job.

Since then, she and her mother can only meet her father on weekends. At first, things were going on pretty well. Until one day, she heard her parents arguing in their room. She tried to open the door but the door was locked. She was very curious so she peeped from a window to see what was happening. She was shocked when she found tears streaming down her mother’s face. The little girl had never seen her mother cry before. Her father said something to her mother and then left the house with his luggage. He was going back to Singapore as he had to work the next day.

Slowly, she walked into her mother’s room. She stared at her mother and did not know what to say. Her mother hugged her, but did not explain what happened. And that, was the first time she saw her parents fight. After the fight, her father does not come back once a week. Instead, he only comes back once a month. Almost every time he comes back, he argues with her mother. Amy soon realized that her father had an affair. She was so angry with her father that she refused to talk to him anymore.

Today, her parents fought again. Amy could not stand it anymore. She shouted at her father to leave immediately. Her father did not leave but slapped her and told her to shut up. Amy was so shocked. She ran out of the house crying. She kept running. She did not know where to go. Finally, she stopped and sat on a bench in a playground. How she wished that everything will go back to normal where the three of them can live happily together. She took out a photo from her pocket; it was a family photo. She stared at it.

Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around and found her mother standing there. Her mother had followed her all this time. She hugged her mother and her mother told her that she will divorce her father. Amy and her mother will start a new life together, just the both of them.

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