The Gift of Magi Essay

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The Gift of Magi

Characteristics of Jim and Della Dillingham

– Della Dillingham

– young
– beautiful
– poor
– courage’s
– loving

Della is James Dillingham’s wife in story. She is a young beautiful woman with beautiful long knee length hairs. She loves her husband most and always try’s to keep him happy, whenever her husband ‘jim’ came home she hugs him gently.

When the story opens Della is counting money that she has saved to buy her husband a Christmas present and she starts crying after realizing how little she has to buy a good Christmas present for her husband. They were poor, after saving for whole month she could only save $ 1.87. They only possess two worthy things one is Della’s hair and other is Jim’s watch which is given to him by his father.

After thinking for a while Della makes decision to cut and sell her hairs for money to buy a good Christmas present for her husband. This shows the courage’s nature of Della. She cuts of her hair and get $20 for them. With the money from her hair she buys a beautiful platinum watch chain for her husband.

Later when jim came back home and sees della in short hairs he got stunned by her appearance, della then reminds him that her hairs will grow quickly again and she wants him happy,for it is Christmas eve, and she cut and sold her hairs because she could not face Christmas without a gift for him.This incidence of story shows her unconditional and unselfish love for her husband.

– James Dillingham

– Young
– Hard working
– serious
– poor
– loving

Della’s husband Jim is a thin, serious young man, 22 years old. The author of the story has described Jim to the readers by comparing him with the platinum watch chain : was like him “quietness and value – the description applies to both”

Jim is a hard working man , he never returns home before 7 o’clock .and is reliable also “jim was never late”.

Jim’s most prized possession is the gold watch that has been handed over to him by his father and to his father from his grandfather. But jim clearly values his wife more than his watch because he sells it in order to buy a set of beautiful combs for her beautiful long hairs as a present for Christmas. This shows how much he loves his wife.

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