The Gift of Change Essay

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The Gift of Change

Gifts are a sign of caring, love, and respect for the person. The feeling when receiving a gift or giving one overwhelms us, with happiness and joy. Gifts are memorable and meant to be cherished for a long time. I have received plenty of gifts in my life, but the one gift I can always remember is my dog coco. It sounds cliché, but the reason Coco was my greatest gift was because it was a treasured gift from my grandparents, helped me socially, and brought me closer to my family. The way Coco was given to me was great because I was so surprised. It actually bought tears to my eyes, and made me realize how much more my grandparents loved me. At first, I wasn’t supposed to be getting a dog.

My grandfather was adamant about me getting one because I couldn’t take care of it at an early age. The thought of me not getting the one thing I wanted for Christmas baffled me. Sadness and madness rushed threw me; so much that I started acting hateful to everyone. Days went by and Christmas sneaked up like a burglar trying to rob an old lady. My grandmother had to come get me because I wasn’t in the mood for gifts. Unfortunately I went even though they had to drag me like an old rug. Opening the gifts lackadaisical suddenly I hear a puppy bark, so I went to the other room and there she goes my dog.

The dog couldn’t have come at a better time, I had no friends, I was a new student and we were new neighbors in the neighborhood. I was in love with my dog; I fed her, cleaned her, and walked her, everything my grandfather thought I couldn’t do. My family could see that this dog was what I really needed it brought the best out of me. The dog was more than just man’s best friend. It matured me and made me a man. The fact that my grandparents purchased this dog for me knowing that my grandma is terrified of dogs, and my granddad does not have love for animals, shows me that their love is unthinkable.

The dog was just the gift that symbolizes how my grandparents love me and they are my eternal gift. Realizing that I know the dog was put in my life for a greater reason. That was to appreciate what I have around me and that was family. Seeing that my grandparents can sacrifice their fear and their dislikes for me made me understand the true meaning of a gift. This is love. I appreciate my family so much.

The dog my grandparents gave me was more than just a gift it was a blessing. It brought me and my family even closer because of me changing. A dog might be a lot of peoples best gift ever, it’s a common gift. The way Coco came in my life to change my maturity was no one but Gods plan. Until this day I still haven’t received a gift better than that.

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