The Ghost Writer Is Correct Essay Essay

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The Ghost Writer Is Correct Essay

In the late 1950’s novel The Ghost Writer, written by Philip Roth brings the story of Anne Frank. The protagonist Zuckerman tries to find a new muse to find more meaning in his stories. Zuckerman meets Amy, a girl with a mysterious background who resembles Anne Frank in more way then one. She was the same age as Anne frank and they both are writers, she avoids speaking about her past, and lastly she tried to escape to savor her childhood.

From this Zuckerman conjures this idea that Amy could possibly be Anne Frank. Zuckerman tries to recover her past and create this Anne Frank. Furthermore, from the holocaust memoir, The Diary of Anne Frank, The memoir portrays Anne has with her father and wouldn’t have the anger and resentment to stay away from him after the war.

This powerful relationship would never cause her to keep this from her father the only survivor from the frank family let alone try to take revenge on him for not getting them out when he could. It would not be possible for Amy Ballet to be Anne frank because it is not possible for a person with a strong relationship with their father like them to possibly do that.

Zuckerman assumes that the rumors and speculations that Anne Frank resented her father for his naive idea that hiding would be suitable to outlast the war would cause her to keep her life from him is an overpowering stretch.

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