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The Genre of Writing That Underpinned This Intervention

Categories Descriptive Writing, Email Writing, Narrative Writing, Principles Of Good Writing

Essay, Pages 2 (458 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (458 words)

Genre-based writing is the style of writing that will underpin this intervention, because it allows students to related to a function of writing that implies to an social environment and genre-based approach to teaching and learning. Writing is absolutely distinctive among other existing approaches, it is an essential skill for writing primary aged students. This type of writing will guide the writer systematically in order for them to be able to produce the writing work on their own.

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This genre is displayed two facets, in which each face has its own characteristics and functions. Ann (2003), the genre-based approach emphasizes the importance of exploring the social and cultural context of language use on a piece of writing Unequivocally, this approach will enable students’ to express their thought on paper while through the art of composing thus, developing themselves academically while healing from a social issues that could hold them captive for a lifetime.

Writing and reading are interrelated processes that are equally supportive.

The foundation of writing goes deep and begins from an early start, which evolves through gestures and speech forming the language, that students later realized can be written and read. Processing writing is the method used in this intervention to unlock the different genres of writing while composing and going through the stages of writing Graves, (1983); Emig,(1991) using literacy enabling strategies to develop the role of writing in the writer’s life. Additionally, the writer will be engaged in the domains of writing and the modes of writing in this intervention.

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The genres that will be embedded in this writing process.

Genre Purpose Activities

Descriptive Writing

In this genre of writing, you might take note of things like metaphors and similes and use these sensory details to make your writing more objective.

  • Comparisons
  • Descriptive sentences
  • Poems

     Expository Writing

In this genre, it is common to collect and synthesize information. This type of writing is often objective – reports are the most frequently seen medium.

  • Essays
  • Directions
  • Reports
  • Summaries

Journals and Letters Here you might either write to yourself or to someone else. This type of writing is personal and less formal than any of the other genres. You may share news, ideas, or take notes.

  • E-mail
  • Blogs
  • Letters
  • Personal journals

Narrative Writing

The genre may involve the sharing of stories, writing stories about personal events, and creating new stories. These will include a beginning, a middle, and an end.

  • Personal narratives
  • Story sharing
  • Story scripts

Persuasive Writing

Persuasion refers to the ability to convince someone to see things from your specific vantage point.

  • Book and movie reviews.
  • Letters to the editor
  • Letters
  • Essays
  • Advertisements

Poetry Writing

This genre focuses on creating imagery with words, using rhymes, and other stylistic devices to create poems.

  • Poems
  • Haiku

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