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The general conditions of the body or mind Essay

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If my interviewer doesn’t the right amount, she is certainly to be in danger. She is already very skinny, and eats lots of junk food. She says she doesn’t like to eat lots’ of healthy stuffs because since she was little, she has been brought up to eating junk food and the though of eating healthy all the time, puts her off, and she says she can’t stand vegetables. It’s very hard for her. She needs to eat all of the above in order to say healthy and from not getting disease or cancers. There are lots of sort of infections, viruses, diseases or illness that can happen if one doesn’t eat the type of food in their diet.

Environment: Everyone needs a good environment. If she doesn’t have a nice and clean environment, then she also has to have an unhealthy way of living and life. In order to have a happy, healthy and well being environment we need to have clean water and air, proper waste disposal facilities (toilets) and good housing qualities. Other environment factors that affect well being are, where we live, how much money we get (if we have a job) and the sort of job that we have. If we don’t have a proper disposal facility, it will lead to all sort of uncomfortable infections and diseases.

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Housing: Everyone needs to have a good house in order to stay clean, healthy etc. If the house is overcrowded, damp, no central heating or poor disposal facilities, we do not have a good house. In may cause illness to people. Cold and damped houses can give people asthma, bronchitis, and arthritis. If the house is overcrowded it can lead to infections like tuberculosis and dysentery. It also depends on where a person lives, if they live in the countryside or somewhere isolated, they can be depressed often and have a bad self-esteem. Education: This is very important.

It affects a person’s outlook on life, they way they treat people (their manners), how they look, their health and well-being. With a good education, it can get you a good job or occupation. Good education has a positive impact on the life chances and the health outcomes to an individual. If people want a good job, good house, good everything, they have to work for it, by getting good grades and achieving to their highest standard. Employment: Having a good job and sort of job you have is very important. It needs to be a job you like doing.

If it isn’t then it won’t be very fun and you might depress. If you have a good education, you will have a good job. An employed person uses the skills, knowledge and expertise which the person has already gained and has the opportunity to acquire new skills. It also gives you the opportunity to explore the outer world and get new friends, or learning new things in life. Work gives you confidence and self-esteem. People respect you and your ideas. And the better the job the better the money to keep you or the family happy and healthy.

Some people need a job desperately, in order to buy food or to stay alive. Rest and Sleep: When you are young, you need a lot of sleep and rest. This gives the heart and body time to relax and not to be stressed out and working. If you deprive sleep, you lose lots of energy and have a quick and high temper, like you want everything to go your way. Mistakes can occur a lot, because when you are tired, you can’t concentrate. You also loose attention to your surrounding and you seem to be dreaming a la la land.

You also seem to have a few minutes ever time you see that the coast is clear, then wake up, feeling more tired. You also feel confused, because you are paying more attention to seeing yourself in a nice and warm bed and listen9ing to what other people say. And you have difficulty seeing and hearing. This is important, especially for a teenager because we need the sleep after a long time in school, and after being stressed out and tired. It helps us concentrate more in class. Friends: We all have and need friends.

They are their top support and love us back. They are there to listen and help during problems. Choosing your friends can be very hard, when you move into a new area, you talk to who ever talks to you. Having bad friends, can influence you into the bad things in life and they some how always encourage you into doing the bad things, like not studying for an important test, stealing or having attitude problems. It also depend in the environment, if you live in a bad environment there is likely to be rough and troubling making groups.

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