The Gathering Essay

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The Gathering

This essay is an analysis of the novel ‘The Gathering’ by Isobelle Carmody. The novel is about good and evil, inner struggle, human nature, conformity and individuality, friendship and cooperation. The main group character is Nathanial and he is in a teenager group, called ‘The Chain’. The people in the group are Nathanial, Nissa, Lallie, Seth, Danny and Indian. Nathanial is a new boy to the school because he and his mother have been moving frequently since his parents were divorced.

Their house is in the seaside town of Cheshunt, but Nathanial doesn’t like it because it sits in the town’s bitter wind and abattoir stench, as the primary reasons. This essay will discuss how Isobelle Carcomdy successfully constructs Nathanial to represent a marginalised teenager who the reader feels sympathy for. Nathanial is 15 years old. He and his mother move to Cheshunt and he goes to the Three North School, where it is the most evil things were has taken place. He likes ‘The Chain’ member Nissa.

He is trying to find the idea of fighting the darkness and ‘The Circle’ are praising witchcraft however he feels so isolated and lonely in the new school he is happy to join. Nissa, she is hardened and guarded wild orphan girl because her heart broken as a young girl of her desirable mother’s many boyfriends, she become claim to be in love with her and then rejected and humiliate her, on page 182 she said ‘ I made a vow to myself then, that I’d never love anyone again. Not like that. From then on, I relied on nobody and took care of myself. She get viciously and emotionally damaged and never let anybody remotely attached to her.

In the story she is the sword of the strength. Frank, his name is Indian, he is a young man with a pony tail, page 158 he said ‘I don’t fight back because I deserve to be hurt. It is because of Jenny. That’s my punishment. ’ Before he bears over the brain damage his younger sister many years ago, so he is the bowl of healing. Seth, he is the least central member of the Chain he is a hopeless alcoholic and emotionally weak in chapter 18 he is unrequitedly in love with Nissa, he is attempts to commit suicide, he is the eye seeks.

Seth’s father is the head of the Cheshunt Police Division and reports to Mr. Karle. Seth is not the same side and the power with his father and join the Dark but at the last minute redeems himself and forgiveness of the chain. To conclude, this essay has discussed Isobelle Carmody is a person who wrote the reality war, it set the time and place are real in the novel it discussed what is good and evil, like Nathanial he make this character successful because it brings out when he moved to another new place and have a good start with evil versus good but he never give up and try to learn many things with other people.

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