The Ganges River Essay

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The Ganges River

The Ganges River is very sacred to the Hindus. This river starts in the Himalayas and flows across the northern part of India and into Bangladesh and finally empties into the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges River flows a total of 1,557 miles and provides water for southern Tibet, northern India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. This is a very important river for everyone, especially the Hindus, but f we do not take care of it will be destroyed by pollution.

The Hindus use the Ganges River to cleanse their sins. They believe that the goddess Ganga came to earth in the form of a river, and if they bathe in it their sins will be cleansed. Millions of Hindus come long ways to cleanse themselves in the river each year.

The Hindus believe that if you die while in the river, you are guaranteed a place in paradise. This river also provides nutrients for the farms it passes through. The tributaries of the Ganges supports about 300 million people. Many of these people do not even know that their river is being polluted.

The Ganges River runs along a few big cities. Factories in this city along the coast are spilling pollutants into the river. With the growing population, pollution is not slowing down. It is estimated that 230 million gallons of sewage are being put into the river each day. This river is becoming more polluted as the population gets larger and the amount of waste increases.

If a very strong effort is not put in to helping save this river it will not be able to help anybody. Some efforts are being made to clean up the Ganges river. In 1986, a project for 250 million dollars was made to try to clean up the river. To deal with the population problem, incentives are given to families with two children or less. Still the average family has three to four children. More of an effort to restore this river needs to be made or else it will be destroyed.

If this river does get destroyed it will devastate many people, especially the Hindus. Some people believe it is already to polluted to clean up. Better ways of controlling their pollution will need to be made to save this river.

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