The game changers “Pre-charters day Symposium” Essay

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The game changers “Pre-charters day Symposium”

On Thursday the ,25th october-2012 by 6pm-8pm at our campus ,Huston Tillotson University in the king-Seabrook chapel there was three high-profile personalities of the United States of America, specifically the Austin city, Texas. The three personalities were Carlos Riveira,a man of 23years of experience in health and human services, which includes over 11years of senior management responsibility, he served as chaired of the “mayor’s Task force on Hartford’s uninsured, “which resulted in the healthy Hartford campaign, a citywide health and wellness education initiatives which received the 2008 us surgeon general’s champion award for its efforts in addressing childhood obesity he holds a bachelors in political science from the university of Connecticut in social work and public health, he holds an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his professional affiliation include the American Health Association and the National Association of county and city.

The well known servant spoke on varieties of issues including health and wellness, the way forward in the voting process as well as divorce himself from been political, he limited most of his comments to health. One person who spoke brilliantly and took the place by storm ,and without hesitation was a female who also is an African American, she declared African American as a well respected people, that there is a reason to follow the” Barrack Obama” procedure, considering the adventure one of the best ever. Mrs. Natalie Madeira Cofield a game changer who currently serve as the president and CEO of the Capital City of African American Chamber of Commerce in Austin, Texas, a regional entity that focuses on economics development supplier diversity, business and community relations on behalf of the greater Austin African American. she is a well educated person, she comes to this role after gaining years of expertise in strategic planning, program development and management, public affairs and marketing for business, nonprofit, microfinance/enterprise, economic development entities.

Her experience has included Washington D.C .Los Angeles, Ca, New York, NY and London. The third Speaker was also an African American who for his part concentrated on the polls, he warned all likely voters to move on and begin early voting’ as he said “your vote depends on your tomorrow, there would be no time, maybe on the original day, you may have something to do and you might not vote”, he said, he was conscious of African American because the statistics proved that they did well in the last elections, and can do the same. He commented on the health issues as well.

For the benefit of the reader, the third was William “Teddy” McDaniel, iii; he serves as Austin Area Urban League (AAUL) organization new President and CEO. McDaniel iii has extensive experience in both the public and private roles. The moderator of the night was Dr. Roderick L.Smothers, Vice President of Huston Tillotson University for Institutional Advancement.

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