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The gambling industry is one of the largest, most profitable and most lucrative businesses in the world today.  It is a form enjoyment and relaxation for some people while for some it is an opportunity to get lucky quick and easy.

Businessmen who are into casino business refer to it as “gaming” instead of gambling which is an indication that the perceptions about casinos have changed and that it has been accepted by the public as a means of relaxation.  With the developments brought about by the globalization and Internet technology, the trend in the gambling industry has shifted online.

  People nowadays place their bets and receive their winnings via the internet by accessing websites of gaming companies.

More companies which seek to expand their operations are venturing into online gaming.  These companies establish their own websites which allow the players to enter a room and play online games that range pari-mutuel, sports lotteries, and online pokers.  These companies accept bets not only in the United Kingdom but also in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Macau.

In order to directly respond to the needs of their clients, these companies established call centers in strategic locations such as in Asia and Vietnam.  The objective is to enable the company to directly communicate with their Asian clients using their native language.  If the player is a Filipino, a Filipino call center agent will answer his queries in the Philippines.  If the player is a Chinese who speaks Mandarin, a Mandarin-speaking Chinese will take his call in Macau.

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If he is Indian, an Indian call-center agent will respond to his queries.

There are certain difficulties that a Human Resource Manager must face to meet the needs of this rapidly growing company.  These are: a) recruitment of applicants; b) compensation package; c) high rate of turnover and d) workplace diversity.  One of the issues that must be addressed is the recruitment of applicants (“Call Center Recruitment: Netting the Qualified Employee,” 2001, p.1).  In Third World Countries, majority of its citizens is unemployed.  Though there are a number of applicants to choose from, it is very difficult to get qualified applicants.  It is very difficult to look for applicants who can not only speak very well, but can also work well in a team and goal-oriented.  Another issue is compensation package to be offered to its employees (David E. Schlesinger, 2008, p.2). Call center applicants have high salary expectation.

The relatively high compensation package is offered in exchange for the degree of the difficulty of the work to be done and the time by which they will be required to report everyday.  Compensation package does not only mean salaries but it should also include benefits which could be tangible or intangible that can attract prospective applicants.  Another issue is the high rate of turnover.  The lack of career growth is considered a major reason why majority of call center employees in different companies have a high turnover rate. (Aurelio A. Pena p.1) These employees usually consider call center companies as stepping stones until they find a more suitable work.  This is prejudicial to the company a high turn over rate means that the company has to conduct trainings over and over again which is very costly.

Recruitment issues can be addressed by developing and cultivating harmonious relationships with reputable schools.  Some call center companies have established a program that has enabled them to visit reputable schools, speak before graduating students and inform them about that the company.  In some companies, HR Managers have offered recruitment incentives to existing employees who are able to recruit qualified applicants.

Some call center companies were able to address compensation issues by conducting studies of the existing pay rates of its competitors so that it can match the current offers being made by its competitors.

While it is true that there is a high turnover rate in call center establishments, the same is not a general rule in every company.  Some companies have come up with effective strategies not only to improve productivity but also to reduce high turnover rate.  It was done by making sure that the needs of the employees are being answered by offering productivity bonuses to employees who reached their quota.

Majority of companies openly proclaim that they work towards achieving an inclusive work environment.  These companies always declare that they value diversity in the workplace and that they see diversity as an intangible asset of the company.  Workplace diversity is no longer seen as an issue of avoiding liability for companies but an issue of achieving unity and working towards attaining an inclusive work environment (Nancy R. Lockwood, 2005, p.1).


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