The future status of english as the global language is assured

English has become the common language used in most parts of the world, even in the western coutries use English as the first language and some other countries still regard English as a foreign language, it still can not be denied that English is the global language today. But how about its future? It still a question, because there are some people think English in the future is not assured. However, we still believe that in the future English will continue to be the global language.

There are some arguments that support the statement. Firstly, some argue that english is difficult to learn, due to the words change frequently and complicate to pronounce. Particularly for some countries has a different mother-tongue, it will be hard to pronounce it.

Nevertheless, in our opinion English is a very flexible language and it is easy to use in real life with grammatical rules. In the others aspect, english consists of the adverb of times, such as when someone is telling a story, it is making trouble-free to understand the situation of event without need more explanation.

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Secondly, some people also judge Mandarin will become as the future language since economy of China is booming rapidly. On the other hand, we assume Mandarin will not be global language because it is extremely difficult both of writing and pronounciation. Furthermore, the writing of Mandarin apply symbol and it is too difficult to understand. Automatically, only the minority of non-Chinese who able to be the speakers of Mandarin and understand about the using.

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The future status of english as the global language is assured

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