The Future Of Nursing Theory Discussion Essay

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The Future Of Nursing Theory Discussion

Nursing theory is the framework in nursing practice, so the development of nursing theory can alter nurses’ knowledge and behaviors, and so on influence the nursing practice. In this project, team B will discuss what has driven nursing theory development, what will drive future development in nursing theory, and how might nursing practice change as a result of evolving nursing theory. Specific examples will be applied to explain the points. What will drive future development in nursing theory

Nursing theory is the guideline for the nurses to follow during their health care work. But with the changing of the world, nursing theory also has to been changed and developed to accommodate the trends. During this process, evidence-based practice (EBP) and research will drive future development in nursing theory. “With the current emphasis on evidence-based practice, the importance of theory-based research and theory-based nursing practice for the future development of the discipline cannot be overemphasized” (Alligood, 2010, p. 491). For example, all nursing theories emphasize the impact of environment on human being’s health.

But with the development of the world, environmental factors are changing. In future, public illness prevention and health promotion will stay in a core status in health care field. “Health professions, including nursing, must change their vision of education both in academic and practice settings, to focus on health promotion and illness prevention” (Jadelhack, 2012, para. 1). So the nursing theory has to been developed to follow this trend. Plenty of researches will be done to find what environmental factors can be improved to prevent illness and promote health. Those research results will become the evidence to develop the nursing theory, and guide the nursing practice in the future.

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