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The Future is in Our Hands Now

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1394 words)
Categories: Cancer, Disease, Future, Health, Science Our Future
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In the past few years the world has been faced with troubling problems caused by climate changes. The problem that comes from climate change has caused many chilling problems that we all have to face in the future such as health problems, and supply problems. With all the problems that California would have to face there is hope for the future of the state. California like the whole world would have to change by using the 3 R’s, and have the government take more control how citizens treat the state/nation.

California future is currently on a path where the future can be saved or the future can be ruined, it’s all in our hands now. California the sunny state, being known for the beaches and sun and people spending days, months of their lives living on the beach. They are soaking up the sun, for long as time at the beach. However in todays condition with all the pollution in the air thanks to carbon oxide caused by fossil fuels being burned off.

This has caused our O-zone to weakling and affects our weather, every year the damaging o-zone is becoming worse.

This problem has affected California in big way with many citizens and tourist spending their time in the sun they also have to be more over protective of their skin from the UV rays. Ultra Violent rays are of course is one of the worst affects of the weakly o-zone layer. The affects of UV rays have become one of the first health problems that have been affected by climate change. Studies were showing a growth of skin cancer over the years compared to the past few decades. In the article “Skin Cancer is on the rise in California and the nation” written by Alyssa Morin. Morin’s article is a look into how skin cancer has become the highest forming cancer in The United States. Morin’s states with the help of the American Cancer Society “over the past three decades, more people have has skin cancer than all other cancers combined.” The study from the American Cancer Society shows that with more UV rays affecting today’s generations, the affects of UV rays would be a bigger problem in next generations. Skin cancer is just one of the health problems increasing in the state of California caused by the climate change. This problem and other problems such as heat strokes will keep increasing unless California as a state takes a stand to help better the state.

Climate change has slowly increased more problems for the state of California, health problems is just the start. A more developing problem has been the demand for more natural supplies given from the earth. During this past year California was faced with the biggest supply problem. Water has become one of earth’s supply that many Californians wished they had more. Currently California is facing a drought causing Californians to rash with their water supply. However not having a lot water caused more supply problems and has raised risks of having huge earthquake in California. Throughout my research I have learned how dramatic this water drought has caused California. In the article “California Drought threatens food supply of all Americans; Collapsing Aquifer Sinking the Land” written by Stephen Neslage. Neslage’s states four times in his article how the drought will indeed affect food supply not just in California but also the nation.

The fact is with no water it becomes harder to keep producing food for everyone. And as I mentioned earlier food supply not the only thing that’s being affected in California. But of course the risk of having another huge earthquake been in talks because of the drought. I had found many articles stating that all the earthquakes affecting the Los Angles are caused by the drought. In Katherine Bourzac’s article “The California Drought May mean more Earthquakes”. Bourzac’s with the help of scientist Colin Amos helps explains to readers exactly how the drought can cause a big earthquake. “To picture how water can play a role in this, think of the Earth’s surface like a flexible sheet of plywood with a weight on it. The upper portion of the earth is elastic, and the ground water is weighing it down like a brick, removing groundwater is like lifting that brick…causing stress on the faults.” Without water the risk of a huge earthquake in California is very high. The problem of supplies running out is just affecting us now, however if Californians continues to ignore the problems the future of California will be a non-existing future.

In my research I had learned many problems California will keep facing unless the citizens of the state step up to decrease the problems. In many of the articles I read the writers gave readers hope that there is hope for the state. Like the many writes and scientist of California I do believe there is hope and I am using this paper to give examples on how the citizens can take action on helping California. I myself have taking a step into helping not just California but the nation on controlling the damages of climate change. The three R’s have become a big part of California. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle has becoming one of the hopes to help slow down the affects of climate change.

As I mentioned earlier in my paper supply problems has hit California recently. California needs more water; however looking at the problem California has indeed wasted perfectly fine water. With help of R’s Californians can learn to reduce the amount of water they use in a day and learn to reuse or recycle water. Instead of draining the water a person could not finish a person can reuse it later by saving it or recycle it by feeding it to plants (which could also help in big ways to). The three R’s is just one idea Californians can use to help slow down climate change and could help during this current drought affecting California.

As how simple the three R’s can help California if more and more people start using the practice I do believe government should take a step helping slow down climate change. California has been pushing recycling in the state since 1987 by using the CRV method. CRV is an extra tax citizens of California have to pay once buying bottles and cans, pushing people to go recycle their items and earn back their money. If California’s government start putting more taxes on things being solely affected by climate change, it could help push citizens to help save California. In the article “5 Dramatic ways California is tackling drought”, Erica Gies explains how California’s government is helping control the drought. Gies’s states that the government is in talks of pushing a water tax, causing the Californians over using water to pay more towards California. I do believe that a water tax would help control Californians use of water, and I believe if more taxes went into affect helping California future there would be a future.

As scary as it is to think about the future of California if the state does not take actions to help decrease the problems of climate change. Our future generations would be facing more dangerous health problems, and less earthly supplies for not the state of California but the nation. If Californians start now to fix the affects of climate change by using the three R’s more it could help later generations have more supplies to live on. And if government takes action on helping California by putting more taxes on the state it would help people from abusing the little supplies we have left. The future of California is in our hands now and we have to help keep it growing health.

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