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The French Revolution Essay

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The Year 1789, the French Revolution has started and lasted for 10 years were Peasant and the lower class of the French society gave up on their hopes , Enough was Enough they have decided and not to take anymore misery from the upper classes such as the king and the Royal families which were called at the time The “Absolute Monarchy”.

So what really caused the French revolution?After being one of the powerful and richest countries in Europe, The People of France were facing a very hard times, poverty misery, hunger, tears and fear were all coming together for a long while.

People of France were divided into 3 categories:Category A. was the clergy which was also divided into 2 categories.

The higher clergy used to live the luxury life because he was coming from a royal or rich family while the lower clergy was coming from the middle and lower class, in other words they were having a normal living or lived in poverty.

Category B was the Nobles and most of them were coming from different levels and had minor ranks.

Category C was the lower class of the society and normal ordinary people, which was suffering the most at that time, they just wanted to earn a living and live their days with no hunger no fear and no tears, they were the workers and the peasants.

France was an absolute monarchy with a weak monarchy, Louis XVI took the throne and became the kind of the France at age of 20 after his father Louis the XV who died in 1765 after bring France to bankruptcy due to the wars he went in leaving The French national debt amounted to almost 2 billion livres. He have taken in his personal interest instead of putting the nation and his country hisfirst interest , spending most of his time doing the hobbies he liked, rather than doing his duties, also he wasnt really capable of taking strong decisions and action and he was influenced by his wife Marie Antoinette.

While the King Louis XVI ,royal families and the upper class of the society were enjoying their times, not knowing whats happening to the people and the workers outside their castles wasnt really encouraging, and they havent really cared .

The Government had a large scale of debts with a high interests which kept growing, there was many reasons behind that and most important ones was the wars which the government went into which was costly due to the highly needs of war suppliers not to forget the mens blood which was paid in those wars and on the end, the government ambition of gaining more lands to rule they ended up in losing some of their own territories and also the money which was spend on the end of the day By kind Louis XVI and the royal families on building the castles made things worse.

The people got fed up from the Living system they had, it didnt do them good, they only wanted to have a normal life food sleep and survive was their concern but they ended up on the end of the day on an empty stomach, Still they had to pay the tax for the king and the Roman Catholic church, which didnt have a return of it instead the tax broke peoples back, while nobles who had power over the king were excluded from the tax.

even the middle class which was consist of the clergy and the aristocrats , they didnt want to have the poor lifes so they sold out their royalty to the upper class and royal family to have a satisfying life, in short the Rich was Rich, poor were poor.

The Enlightment MovementThe Enlightment movement came out to get the right for the people and give them the hopes which they lost but still it was like A candle in the middle of a windy day, it was such a risky chance but still some of the nobles and peasants and people from the middle and lower class have decided to take, at the time no one can come out and face the king which means only one word Death.

The Enlightment movement came out to introduce new ideas to the highly educated bourgeoisie , they became critical of the class system and believed that new system should come out to equal rights between all people and levels, and give opportunity and education to everyone and its not limited to the rich people and the high class system.

The French had sent troops and supplies to aid the American revolution which was an introduction to the revolution ideas to the French troops in other words the cost of supporting the Americans was not just associated with money, instead the French troops came back from America having been exposed to the revolution thoughts, most of them believed that they should start a revolution to achieve from what they have seen in America Equal Right and Democracy.

Action must be taking, the Enlightment have influenced the people not to pay tax to make the king notice it was the start of the ending. People now want the democracy, to do such thing the system had to change and that would be by forming a parliament.

To Form the Parliament there must be the composed members which were consist of the middle class and the educated people of the society which will then hold an election to vote among the discussed action and find solution and unite the people.

(Parliament Composed Members Election).

The Enlightment movement had to deal with the middle class because they knew the royal families are buying the middle class royalty by money.

So what is really Trias Politica ?The power were separated Between Three (Trias)Political (Politica) Classs

I.ExecutiveIn other words its the government which manage the state dailyII.JudicialAnd it was the judicial system which consists of judges.


Which they were the parliament at the time.

The National AssemblyThe national assembly was formend by group of the different types of people the nobles, clergy and the bourgeoisie to deal with finaincal crises but they ended up with some obligations but on June 17 they crossed their problems and now it became an assembly not of the estates but of the people, they have invited others party and orders to join them and they made it clear they going into their plans either with them or without them.

King Louis XVI didnt wait for long and started to bother the national assembly but they werent shacked by the soldiers and the king guards, and they kept on doing their job, the demand was to have a freedom in speech, decisions and the right to vote without being have external forces.

Afterwards a new constitution had to be made and on 14th of july 1790 the first draft of constitution got the approval from the French monarch and the national assembly and the most important things which changed the French nation was as following :1.The king had a strict limitation imposed on his power and his veto power were nearly suspended2.The assembly had an effective control on the foreign affairs.

3.The Power of the Roman Catholic Church was limited.

4.Freedom in voting and living5.The right equal.

Conclusion:The French have raised the democracy sun around Europe, regardless they werent the first people to do so around the world such as the Americans but also not to forget to mention that also French people whom helped the American democracy, the people did well and yes they did pay a huge bell, but also their efforts was worth it.

The unity between the people and their hunger have taken one of the most sophisticated and tough regime out, the national assembly was the point of start.

I suppose French have spread the democracy around Europe, giving the lesson to everyone in it.



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