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The French Connection Essay

The NYPD is one of the finest law enforcements when it comes to containing drugs, except one, heroin. The business of drugs exponentially grows to new heights every year. Around the early 70’s, heroine was being brought over to the united states at very high rates. New York City was a famous shipping ground for heroine, which made times tough for the law enforcement. At one point in history a person could find all sorts of dirty businesses in New York, whether it’s pimping, selling drugs or other malicious crimes.

There are many famous mobsters that contributed to the drug business in New York, from Al Capone to Frank Lucas. But every time the law enforcement would crack them down and bring justice back to NY. The French Connection is a great example of the New York City law enforcement bringing down the heads of the drug industry. The story finds a tough New York City cop named Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle and his partner detective Salvatore “Buddy” Russo in the middle of trying to intercept a huge heroin shipment coming in from France.

They begin to tail the suspects which are two French nationals and basically the link to these heroin shipments. Popeye and Buddy keep on digging to find out more evidence and details that would lead them to the mobsters bringing in the drugs. They eventually do find them and a showdown between the police and the mobsters occur. Mentality of a New York City Cop Viewers get an inside view on how mobsters deal these drugs out as well. Any drug dealer tries to find a creative way to stash or smuggle his drugs.

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Around the 70’s and 80’s it was easier for these mobsters to hide the drugs n areas the police would never suspect to look. In the process of finding a drugs the detective would put himself in the shoes of a dealer and ask himself questions such as 1. Where is an area that a cop would never care to look to hide the drugs? 2. When and where is the perfect location, where there isn’t as much cops patrolling the streets? 3. How much time do I have to execute this before the cops find out? In the 70’s before there was much technology to help and crack down these major dealers, the police would have to deal with it by purely just evidence.

These cases always have to be dealt with patience. Buddy and Popeye tail a Lincoln that eventually parks on a side street. Just like in real life they wait and wait to see if anything occurs and surely does, at 4:10 A. M they both catch two thieves trying to strip the Lincoln. The Lincoln is towed back to a garage where it is searched for evidence or in this case drugs. They search everywhere from the trunk, under the hood and in the seating but come up empty. They start to get a bit impatient but do not give up and eventually do find the drugs.

It turned out to be in the car’s rocker panels underneath the doors. From this they have all the evidence they need to put these mobsters in prison once and for all. As in reality a big case such as this will never be solved in a couple of days, it could take weeks, months or even years. The French Connection is one of the most realistic police movies that I have ever seen and teaches a lot about cops. There are some stereotypes as Popeye who plays the tough cop role and at times could be racist, while his partner buddy is the more patient and quiet one than his loud and obnoxious partner.

It’s a common formula seen in other police movies. This is also a fair representation of cops in the 70’s. New York City Cops Vs Heroin According to Blanche Frank’s “Overview of heroin trends in New York City” the quality of street-level heroin jumped from 8% in 1983 to a shocking 63% in 1998. New York cops are rising in numbers but yet the amount of heroin that is still in New York is depressing. The war between heroin and law enforcement Is one that will be around for a while to come. The French connection showed the basic way of how cops pin tails on suspects who then become their leads.

The method of putting a tail on someone is fairly simple but since the 70’s the cops as well as the dealers have gotten smarter. To find the heads of this heroin epidemic, cops go undercover, a method that was not portrayed in the film surprisingly. On September 27, 2010 Jean-Pierre Mestanza of the Jersey journal reported how a man, 31 sold heroin six times to an undercover cop. I am using this article because it is a perfect example of the best way cops find these dealers. Just like the French connection the cop wanted to contain the most evidence before making a move.

The cop did not make a move until three weeks after the first dealing, primarily because he was trying to find a bigger source that will lead to the higher ranks in the heroin organization. Both of these articles support the importance of New York City cops and their search for heroin. Unfortunately the crisis with heroine has only gotten worse. The law enforcement will not give up on trying stopping most of these heroin dealers and the large shipments. Conclusion The French Connection is loosely based on a true story.

I say loosely because some scenes such as the train being hijacked and the detective chasing it seemed a bit over exaggerated. The film portrayed cops in the 70’s as very tough who could go bad at any second to get what they wanted. That was also a time where cops were mostly in control of what went on and were able to even be a little rough at times. The cop’s in today’s day and age have more restrictions placed on them. It’s interesting to understand how cops deal with the business of certain drugs such as heroin from the 70’ and present time.

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