The Four Seasons Goes to Paris Essay

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The Four Seasons Goes to Paris

Question 1
What has made the Four Seasons so successful for the past 35 years?

* Delivering consistently exceptional service.
* Operated, Not Owned => Organizational structure contributes to success.
* Strong cultural foundation: local culture dictates hotel business culture
* Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would wish to be treated.
* Globally Uniform Standards: flexible in application
* Standard Foundations: Exhibits #4&5 – graphics
* Cultural Diversity & Singularity Quality Experience
* Employee Commitment to Global Standards
* Employees Deliver Intelligent and Enthusiastic Service
* Learn from mistakes at The Pierre, New York
* Recalibrating Employees for Service
* Commitment to Local Business Ethics

Question 2
In what ways does corporate culture play a role in its success?

* Commitment to quality drives outstanding customer service and satisfaction.
* Happy employees means happy customers
* Recruitment and selection of employees is focused on right attitude.
* Standard management practice with the able to break free as necessary.
* Sensitivity to cultural standards still requiring Four Seasons quality
* Chart – Exhibit #8 monochronic and polychronic differences in culture.

Question 3
In what ways do human resource management policies play a role in its success?

* Golden Rule is rubric human resource policy.
* Don’t fire at will. Counseling for better fit. Relational mechanisms.
* Attain of critical mass of calibrated employees to overcome resistance to corporate culture.
* Use hotel opening task-force to drive successful end
* Launch employee recognition program. Self-actualization in Maslow’s hierarchy.
* Creating culturally penetrating policies to assist employees in conforming to Four Season’s quality standards. HR Challenges in Paris:
* Managers work out HR problems. This was challenging in France since they were non-confrontational.
* The Golden Rule was too American.
* Ploychronic culture is based in emotional responses. Managers are required to have more tact and judgment.

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