The Four Major Source of Advertising: Broadcast Television, Direct Mailing, Digital Advertising, and Promotion

Marketing Communication

We will focus on 4 main media which are broadcast television, direct mailing, and digital advertising. Our most important source of advertising will be broadcast television. Keurig is among the most popular coffee maker in the market today. Consumers are now so use to buying coffee in their local coffee shops when they are on the go. We do not often see consumers buying grounds anymore or making their favorite flavor coffee at home due to their busy lives. We have developed a product in where consumers can brew their coffee in just minutes.

It’s easy, efficient and convenience. We also have include a build in mixing system. In where older consumers do not have to worry for any pain in their wrist due to arthritis. We live in a world in where consumers live for the next latest technology that is why our main targets are young consumer and older consumers. This novation will benefit both segments. Though broadcast television and digital advertising we will introduce our new product, La-Z brew, to convince our target consumers that our product is the best coffee maker on the market today and entice coffee drinkers to give La-Z brew a try.

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Broadcast television:

La-Z brew will run on broadcast from October through January on multiple cable channels. Consumers tend to purchase more coffee makers during the winter time. Later on, we will again advertise our product in end of the April through August. La-Z brew will be great to advertise during graduation and also when college students start back to school.

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We will mainly advertise our product, La- Z brew, during the morning since it is the main time where consumers consumes coffee more often than thought out the day. Broadcast television would be a great source to take into account. It will provide a wide range of awareness of our product in the market. Our product image will provide the viewers’ attention. Also, television broadcast gives the opportunity to hence our product image by incorporate sounds, color, and motion.

Direct Milling:

We will incorporate a small section into the top stores catalogs. For example, Bed and Bath and Beyond, Sears and Macy’s. This will run from November, December and finally in March. We will pay more close attention on November since black Friday falls in that particular month. Catalogs tend not to be torn away as easy as newspapers. Catalogs are more targeted to females that are stay at mom or wife. Incorporating our product to stores catalogs will be very efficient. This will allow consumers to buy our product in a nearby store that carries our product.

Digital Advertising:

We will be advertising our La-Z brew through social media to communicate with consumers about our new product out in the market. Because our target age are from 24 – 32, we will advertise online advertisements to convince our consumers to purchase our product. The costumer will only have to call our number or visit our website to order the La-Z brew. Digital advertising can be seen though websites, smartphones and on social media channels. This will provide a better awareness of our produce worldwide. Digital advertising helps reach our consumer much easier and a new upcoming product.


The marketing team will promote a sales promotion for the first 3 months. The La-Z brew will be on sale on store for 20% off during November through January. This will be the perfect time to receive a gift on Christmas or even buy our La-Z brew on black Friday. This will encourage our consumer to try our brew and recommend the La-Z brew to a friend or a family member.

The sale promotion will be only available online and on stores. We will incorporate a link code to receive 20% off on your phrase online. Alone with the 20% off sale, we will deduct $10 off if a consumer accepts to register for a in store credit card. This will allow us to target our consumers to try our brew and continue to shop at their local store often.

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