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The Four-Headed Dragons Essay

he “Four-Headed Dragon,” is a book that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. This story is based on the Hardy Family resolving the case of the “Four-Headed Dragon.” The Four-Headed Dragon is an organization behind the Iron Curtain that is in search of peace. This organization makes a big mistake by creating a weapon called the Annihilator. Instead of creating peace, Dubek Krazak, the head of the organization, puts the Annihilator in the hands of a criminal.

Burl Bantler, a criminal, thought that he could destroy the Alaskan pipeline with the Annhilator. This weapon consists of a series of loud sound waves that can destroy anything. Mr. Fenton Hardy, a detective, with his sons’ help, discovers that Burl Bantler lives in the haunted mansion right beside him.

When the Hardys found out, it was too late, because Burl Bantler was on his way, with his private helicopter. As the Hardys never gave up, they followed Bantler. After about 20 km, Batler was at sight. As the Hardys got closer, Bantler figured out that they were chasing him so they took out the Annihilator and tried to destroy them. Fenton Hardy told the pilot to drive over Bantler. After a few minutes, Bantler and his gang drove into a lake, but didn’t know how to swim. The annihilator got destroyed and they surrendered.

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Frank and Joe Hardy are two great young detectives. Frank is a tall, well-muscled, black-eyed, and fare young man. Joe is skinny, blond-haired, brown-eyed, fair and a bit taller than Frank. In my opinion they are both great young detectives, that use intelligent strategies to solve cases.

My opinion of this extraordinary novel is that it is made like a jigsaw puzzle. A person keeps on getting clues, until, at the end, he ends up with a reasonable conclusion. At the beginning of the book, it seemed to me, that the Hardy family is solving two cases. Little by little they got more clues and got to pin up “both cases” together into one. In my view, this story is irrelevant. It can’t ever happen in real life.

As most reasonable novels, the story was thrashed into my brain at the first go. According to my thinking, reasonble books are those books that I understand at the first go. My choice of books revolves in mystery books. If I would have to recommend this book to anybody, I’ll dedicate it to those people whose choice is similar to mine. I hope I get to read such good books further in this year.

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